Saturday, May 10, 2008

"El Cinco de Mayo" Texas style, aka "El Sinkhole de Mayo"

Curious onlookers (or idiots?) check
out Daisetta's evolving landscape.

Mexico's annual Cinco de Mayo festivities have come and gone but, not to be outdone, Texas began its own unique version of the Mexican holiday in the small community of Daisetta 30 miles outside of Houston this past Wednesday.

That's when a giant sinkhole appeared and began gobbling up the landscape and everything in it right beneath the Deloach Oil and Gas Wastewater Disposal Co. It's being dubbed by some as Texas' own "El Sinkhole de Mayo."
Dada NOTE: As I've blogged here in February, Texas takes great pride in being the *biggest*, the *most*, the *best* at just about everything -- as in the *most polluted state in the nation.* It's something Texas agencies overseeing the regulation of industry whose operations affect the environment, work very, very hard at (often by sleeping with the captains of those industries).

It was therefore no surprise that the Texas Railroad Commission (TRC) immediately jumped in to assure everyone in and around Daisetta that Deloach Oil and Gas Wastewater Disposal Co. had no hand in this catastrophe despite violating its state permit by dumping 800,000 barrels
more salt water into the giant underground salt dome than authorized in 2007.

While Dada hasn't sufficient data to claim Deloach is responsible for this, I don't think the TRC has sufficient data to claim they're not. But the state has its well earned reputation to uphold, i.e., to protect polluters over citizens, environment and the health of both. It's what has earned Texas the nickname, "The Pay Toilet for Industry."


D.K. Raed said...

Somehow "Biggest Sinkhole in the Nation" doesn't have quite the ring as The LoneStar State.

If only the sinkhole could have migrated and waited until today ... to open up under the gathering of the world's most powerful oil brokers at that lil ole Crawford wedding that we weren't invited to. Bet that would've been something the secret service weren't prepared for.

DivaJood said...

Geez, for a second, I thought this was the site of Jenna & Hank's wedding reception.

dada said...

Yeh, while the photo looks a little like Jenna's wedding (a Bush dau and a Rove understudy -- it's a marriage made in heaven! ... and an ominous portent for the country's future??!!). I doubt even the biggest sinkhole would affect this bunch. They have the capability to just rise about such things and drift unscathed (while wreaking destruction everywhere 'beneath' them).

Fran said...

How much you want to bet some entrapreneur is going to set up an entrance gate & charge people to come see Texas' biggest hole?
Huh! I thought that was in Crawford-- A-hole that is.