Monday, March 03, 2008

Voting: It does matter!

My one frustration with Ellen DeGeneres is that she isn't more political publicly. That's also a reason I hold her in such high esteem, i.e., she spares us from her politics. But the following YouTube from Ellen's show made me as proud of her as I've ever been.

Here then is Ellen reminding us, especially this election year, we all need to be very politically alert for whom we cast our votes.


Fran said...

Wow! I had not heard of this incident, so thanks for posting, although it brought me to tears.
I'm guessing Ellen is not in favor of the Don't Ask don't Tell approach to being gay.
What a crock of crap that is.

Politics aside, what a true tragedy.

eProf2 said...

Where are you Dada? Shooting some more film in NM?

Fran said...

Dear Dada: Sirens Chronicles is looking for a few good writers. Your writing style would fit in well & you can repost stuff from your blog that would be new to the readers there.
Whaddya say?

dada said...

It would seem that Ellen's special comment from her show speaks directly to John McCain and those who would support him for his embrace of the endorsement given him by Rev. John Hagee last week.

His anti-Catholic, anti-gay, pro-End Times/Rapture (which must be expedited by a U.S. initiated war with Iran) and his undying love and support for Israel endorsement of McCain was received by the senator with his gratitude saying, "all I can tell you is that I am very proud to have Pastor John Hagee's support."

If the next election is lost to or stolen by the likes of these war mongering Earth hating extremists - if that is allowed to happen, then Americans can expect four more years of hell and we should all stick our heads back up our asses where they've been the past (almost) eight years.

dada said...

eprof: Hi! Well, actually, I thought I'd take a break for a few days. I've been doing a little house painting this past week (very little - much more to do) and letting passions cool a bit.

Haven't made it out of town lately, but am beginning to appreciate more and more that car we bought two years ago is rated for 40 mpg hwy.

Just the same, I'm going to take down the 10-speed bike hanging on the garage wall I bought over 30 years ago and tune it up.

I'll be back soon hopefully.

dada said...

Hi fran: Thanks for thinking of Dada's re the Sirens Chronicles. I did drop by for a few minutes last eve and watched the excellent video on aiding the un and under insured Americans with health care problems. I will go back to SC soon.

My philosophy's always been, "In everything you do, aim for a high degree of mediocrity. It's better to do a lot of little things 'pretty good' than a couple things really well." Of course, this leads one to ponder where the world would be without the specialists?

In that regard, I'm inclined to contain blog thoughts here locally, rather than contribute to the continuing spread of mediocrity's prevalence.

But I appreciate the thought and always enjoy discovering new sources of like-mindeds. Nice to hear from you, thanks!

azgoddess said...

thanks so much for sharing this video...i had not known.

i love reading your comments - painting eh? outside or inside or both? and glad to see you are tuning up your bike...i was sick with the flu for a few but my goal is to ride weekly to the local farmers market with my own handmade grocery bags...

dada said...

az: Welcome back to health! Yes, I'm thinking eventually I'll have to 'customize' the old bike with a basket or rack to help carry things home from the market (that is, of course, if the market has anything on its shelves to sell).

The nearest farmer's market (I know of) is 'over the mountain'...a distance and grade which I am not up to the challenge of. Perhaps as times worsen, more local markets will flourish?