Sunday, March 02, 2008

Getting up for Obama

The deeper we get into the political season, the quieter I tend to become. There are occasions when in the presence of good company and wine, my whining becomes less controlled and provocations of others 'green lights' me to express my own. (Like they matter or anyone really cares.)

But politics inevitably wearies me. With Earth's population above six and a half billion, political opinions are like penises, i.e., every man has, or eventually grows, one. Okay, bad analogy but with things political it's a man's world and, sadly, for those women successful enough to share in the fine art of ruling the masses, it is most often requisite they emulate their male counterparts by growing strong political opinions and using the highly evolved tactics of skillful diplomacy laced with the machismo of implied threats and subtle consequences like isolation, sanctions, bombs and/or total annihilation.

This past Friday evening at the invitation of Border Explorer, a regular albeit it too infrequent commenter here at the Dally, Mrs. Dada and I attended a pleasant open house gathering at a wonderfully conceived Casa Puente in the heart of Old El Paso. Casa Puente is "a living space for border immersion groups, focusing on the issues of global economics and immigration...that share in the common goals of working for a more just and peaceful world."

I should preface what I'm about to say with a flashback to Tuesday, July 27, 2004 first. That's the evening at the opening of the Democratic National Convention the keynote speaker delivered an arousing speech that provoked orgasmic media comments of him being *presidential material*.

The way the media played this speaker up that night made my skin crawl. Here this young man, not yet even elected to the U.S. Senate seat he was pursuing that same election season, was being put in the White House by the media! A somewhat premature climax to that speaker's pep talk I thought. I'm speaking of Barack Obama from Illinois, of course.

I got a strange feeling that night Americans were being greased for the future. This particular past Friday evening I witnessed how really slick it's manifesting. That's because one of the highlights of our gathering at Casa Puente was a mock caucus in preparation for this coming Tuesday's Texas primary.

During the ensuing discussion, I was overwhelmed by the support Obama was getting. I got the impression the KOOL-AID® had definitely been spiked with VIAGRA ®, so willing to stand up for the junior senator from Illinois was the vast majority of those present.

I wish I could share the enthusiasm. As long as the only viable choices the system allows us are, "So-So" and "Worse", I suppose it's great people can get excited and aroused over that. Sure, road kill scraped off a highway's shoulder would make a better president than what America's had to endure these past 7+ years, but is that what's giving so many irrational exuberance for an Obama (or worse, McCain!)--that anyone or any thing is better than Bush?

There are a few who remain a little more sober, or realistic (or somber?) about long-on-hope, short-on-specifics Obama. Matt Gonzalez, a former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, said this past week after studying Obama's senate voting record in, The Obama Craze: Count Me Out, "Obama has fallen into a dangerous pattern of capitulation"...(i.e., "pandering to win votes")..."that he cannot reconcile with his growing popularity as an agent of change."

Don't misunderstand, I am hopeful Obama can live up to all the wonderful expectations of change he's been feeding us should he gain the White House. But I'm also skeptical. Maybe that's because I haven't washed it down with the VIAGRA ® laced KOOL-AID® everyone's so high on.

All I'm wishing for is a little time to sober up from this Obama orgy of promised change. After all, as the best selling dysfunction curing pharmaceutical warns, if your state of arousal lasts longer than four hours, you should probably consult your physician -- immediately!


Cart said...

Dada, I can understand your apprehension. I felt that at least as strongly with our Ruddslide here.
Yet, after the first 100 days, I am falling under the spell.
True its only for minutes at at time, always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far the incredible promise is being played out.
I am starting to suspect the same of Obama, particularly as the two share so much in substance, if not style.

dada said...

Cart: Thanks very, very much for this comment. As I hinted in this blog, I would enjoy nothing more than Obama win and live up to the rapture he has wrapped so many Americans in, who froth at the mouth in support with the most glowing (and inane) reasons.

And being very provincial, I have no idea how your system compares with ours, but we've seen what the democratic majority has accomplished with its '06 "mandate," making me skeptical of the well intentioned Obama's capabilities to affect change w/o a greater majority of REAL democrats in both houses of our congress.

But I appreciate this post. This Tuesday may finally end the Billaries' suffering. (That wouldn't disturb me at all.)

After that, in time, much like you in your first 100 days of a Ruddslide, I may be able to partake of the KoolAid everyone else is already enjoying. (But it's hell coming late to the party and everyone so dizzying drunk!)

BTW, Happy Labour Day!

eProf2 said...

My wife has been telling me since the silly season started that Obama is Bush 2.0. Remember all the Bushisms in 2000: "uniter not divider"; "someone you'd like to have a beer with"; "someone who is in touch with me"; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I want some substance and policy thoughts for president and I don't think Obama is there yet. Do I like Clinton? I don't, but the wife does. I wanted Al Gore to run again, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I lost my vote in AZ by voting early for John Edwards, who upon hearing that I voted for him promptly withdrew. I've been voting since 1961 and I haven't picked a winner yet in the primaries. I haven't faired much better in the generals either.

Did you know that "stressed" is "desserts" backwards? So, have more desserts Dada and the silly season will fade away real soon.

Have a great week.

Fran said...

A part of me feels like people expect a presidential candidate to walk on water. They must be perfect in every way, too many armchair critics who talk the talk. It's quite easy to criticise & point out all the flaws- but for those who have nothing but contempt, I have to ask them, why are they themselves not in office & running things they way they ought to be run. It's not a for us or against us kind of comment, really- it's more of a genuine- you think YOU can do a better job?

I can understand that these final 2 dems may not align with your priorities. But people are quick to say a person who has a law degree, 11 years political experience, and has been dedicated to human & civil rights, is a constitutional scholar, for many years is *just not good enough*. You start to wonder if Jesus Christ himself would be good enough?
Because, really,who the hell would want this job-- it pays $400,000 a year- most lawyers & CEO's make that or more, with a lot less hassle & stress. I'm not drinkin' the spiked Kool Aid (I don't get to vote till May).... But I feel like suggesting what Sister Louanna taught me in High School Political Science class-- at least vote for the person who you think will do the least amount of harm or damage.
So- all things considered- if all candidates look sub par you, then please get out there & vote AGAINST someone, if you can't muster up the genuine backing of the existing candidates. But for those who would complain, I want to suggest if they think they can do a better job, themselves-- go for it.
I'd vote for you.

Now I hope I did not piss you off... any candidate can lie through their teeth to get elected.... I put up some old Bush campaign
footage.... never have presidential promises gone SOOO wrong. So we just have to deal with the immediate candidates at hand, be in the here and now, as it is.

I'd love to gut the system & start anew.... but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
So get out there & vote against someone.

Go visit the Onion Videos on you tube.... you need a good laugh (got some posted @ my site).

enigma4ever said...

what Fran said....

enigma4ever said...

I would say more but as an Obama Supporter....I don't think I am welcome here....I the Queen of 1000 reasons to move to Canada and Say Fuckit.....have a thing about Hope and the Constitution....

and have a for a long time....very very long time..and I have a son that makes me think of something other than Me.....HIS future....and that made all the difference....

an for me..TWO of his books really Spoke to a very real way.....a way that mattered...

so fine call me names- or make fun of me- at this point believe me I have Heard it ALL...including that I am a LESS of a woman for NOT supporting Hill.....I don't care....

I see things through 6-6 eyes....and yeah, hell he was owed a Bobby Kennedy...or MLK....Some Form of Greatness.....NO ONE has given a shit about the Young People in this Country in MANY years....( and certainly NOt the Clintons...)

6-6 wisely pointed out to me that MANY hated MLK and Bobby Kennedy too....and others were apathetic...and he said it was their hate and their apathy that contributed to their demise....( that is how he sees it....and he also pointed out that it planted the Neoconal seeds of Fear that Bush Sowed so well).,

(((And yeah...come to Ohio....the Clintons really hurt these people with the their Nafta Rapture....)))

so that is my say on can mock me, laugh at me....throw things at me...slam the door...I don't care...because finally I have heard SOMEONE say they will not treat the Constitution Like Kitty Litter...and YES...I believe him.....I TRUST him.....

and at this point Hope is ALL that I have...
I have NOTHING else.....

( the odd thing...I spent the past year blogging about Hope...about keeping our Humanity Intact..about not losing Our Souls in all this....)

enigma4ever said...

I also posted below on the OTHER Obama post. And I see this one I left here for some reason vanished. As a long time blogger friend. I am beyond dissappointed in you. I thought you appreciated my son and me, and my blog....but I now see I am wrong - we are just Something you make fun of and laugh at ....and DELETE.

I was trying to Save Our Souls and Our Humanity and Our Country and you thought that was FUNNY. and worth mocking.

Don 't worry I won't be back...

I am still trying to Save for OUR Country for all of us.....and yes over at my Blog I have been blogging about Obama and using it as way to educate- but you will notice I did not go pestering anyone....or even picking fights at other's blogs....or correcting errors...or much less blog about OTHERS in such a negative way....

I am truly sad you did this - but you did it and it was hurtful....and WHY I don;t know...

dada said...

Well, this is regretful. In reading the comments this morning, I suddenly heard the voice of mon père reminding me, "One should never discuss politics or religion with friends." (And that was great wisdom before blogging.)

I'm torn on how much to respond to Enigma's accusations since she vowed to never return, hence may never read them. So I'll just say,

- The only reference to Enigma made on this blog regarding Obama was here, in the comment section. It's still here, to wit: I... "rue the damage I may have inflicted upon any Obama supporters (such as our dear friend Enigma and others)." That's because I was well aware of her enthusiasm for the man from her blog. So if worrying about the response of a "a dear friend, Enigma, and others" offended anyone, sorry, I guess I don't get it.

- And nothing Enigma has posted on this blog has disappeared at my hand and my feelings towards Obama are expressed above in my response to Cart.

Sadly, these responses, these attacks about "picking fights at other's blogs" (not guilty!)....or "correcting errors" (deleting a paragraph against two Obama policies I disapprove of on my own blog is my perogative)..."or much less blog about OTHERS in such a negative way" (if my concern for your feelings is negative, I am guilty).

Regrettably, this is a lose-lose situation. But that's the nature of politics and its ability to negatively impact relationships as mon père so readily reminded, isn't it?

That's all I'm going to say other than the 3/2/2008 was salted with satire.

dada said...

eprof: I'm no Hillary fan. But for convenience, selecting Gore as her running mate would allow me to use two bumper stickers from '92 I didn't use. (Of course, if it was to be Gore and Hillary, I could always slice the stickers and reverse the order I guess.)

And wow, I'm impressed to learn I'm not the only person in America alive to never have voted for an eventual presidential winner in the primaries. (That's good for one free ale of your choice at the High Desert!)

Finally, while timid to mention it here, your governor was in El Paso today promoting Obama. (Do you know where your governor is?)

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! I don't we want to fractionalize ourselves. I don't think a *disappeared post* was intentional.... I think Dada loves a good fight. How boring life wound be if we all agreed on everything. It has been good to have discussions and sparring on topics- we can make our point without attacking each other. Bicker till the cows come home... but we are having a meeting of the minds, not just personal attack drivel. Hey! Dada does not like the candidates. OK. Absolutely entitled to that perspective.
I was just bringing out the hot poker & cajoling him to go vote against someone- and believe me I have done that more often than not, in my years of voting.
Interestingly, Hillary envokes that fingernails on a chalkboard feeling for me.... I do feel like I am not sure I could make myself vote for her. Others have felt the only candidate they could support was their cat ot dog. Dada may wind up voting for Editor Sam, when all is said and done.
You are not required to share my opinion.
But I'm more than happy to share my perspective- which I did.
I respect your opinion that the available choices don't inspire you.
But I want to encourage you to help oppose McCain. Of the 2 dems, I think Obama is the lessor evil. I actually think much higher of him then that- but bottom line thinking- I find him to be less tainted, and I do really embrace the fact that he was a political science major, with an emphasis on international studies, and has lived in different countries & places. That means he is not pigeon holed into that gawdawful amerikan mentality. The fact that he says he is willing to speak to other leaders of other countries without prerequisites is a huge improvement-- after the Bush anti-diplomacy strategy, saying we'll talk but war is on the table. Ugh! & *Cringe*.

That is what diplomacy is about- respecting other cultures, finding common ground, hearing people out. Even if nothing is resolved or changed, it opens the door to possibilities of using the common ground as a springboard to begin to resolve problems & issues.

I would love a presidential candidate who said *If elected, I will shut that Gitmo prison down on day one, get the hell out of Iraq & Afghanistan & get up to speed with the environment & international treaties. I will join the World Court & allow legal scrutiny of our country's actions.
Treat the constitution like it is required rules,
& burn the patriot act.

Dreamer that I am....

but for now I think of everyone out there & crazy enough to want to take the job- Obama offers the most desirable roster of actions.

Perfect ?


"More better" than Hill & McCain?

I think, a certainty.

So we can disagree on Candidates & still be pals.

I think we agree- we are in deep shit if McCain became the next prez.

In political banter solidarity~


Fran said...

OK on the lighter side- I'm going to say Texas owes the rest of the country-- you gave us 12 years of Bush presidents. It's payback time to get rid of the Reigh Wing in office already.

Come on 'yall in Texas, step up!

Just trying to interject some humor.

enigma4ever said...

There is a big difference in "discussing politics" and attacking or mocking friends.

I will blame Blogger for the Comment that Vanished- so that will let you off the hook.

But I will still blame you for this post.
There is a BIG difference between "humor" and being rude, and Fran , you and Dk are also were Mocked in this poor excuse of humor.

Dada you basically made a sexual joke out of the rest of us supporting a candidate- that is rude- period. If , and it is BIG IF at this point, a SIMPLE apology would have been nice- and hell , even appropriate.

You did not even read WHAT I wrote- just like I am sure you never READ or Listened ONCE to Obama- so that made it so easy for you to MOCK three friends that have come here to read your blog and been nice to you for almost 3 years.

Talk about Insensitive. You take the cake.

I will continue to work to Save OUR Country, I know better than to Mock Friends.

enigma4ever said...

( Oh , in the one Sentence I meant to say IF we were ALL Friends, which is a BIG IF at this point....then Someone Would have realized WHAT they did twice in a matter of days was rude, offensive and hurtful , mocking people that are trying to save OUR Country......Friends don't behave like that....not my Friends.....)

And the most recent post went way beyond any civil or "respectful " was tasteless and rude.

dada said...

fran: It is with deep remorse that the particular part of Texas in which I reside is Hillary country I fear. I'll be surprised if tomorrow's El Paso results turnout different. We shall soon know.

dada said...

fran: It is with deep remorse that the particular part of Texas in which I reside is Hillary country I fear. I'll be surprised if tomorrow's El Paso results turnout different. We shall soon know.

dada said...

fran: I like to judge a person on how well they can lose, hence I find Hillary an interesting study. It's easy to be a good winner. Much harder to be a good loser.

enigma4ever said...

"{like they Matter or anyone really cares)" Dada you wrote that above in your own post. I guess I see it is true.

So I guess I am to understand that I am not someone that matters or that you care one wit that you hurt my feelings or disrespected ANY of the women that are supporting Obama.

I guess Men in Texas, "Bush" County, do not apologize to women or "friends".

If you are in Hillary Country, as you say in comment above, - you have no one to blame but yourself....esp after the two disrespectful posts you wrote on Obama.

dada said...

Enigma: This will be my last comment to yours. But I just want to clarify your misunderstanding of MY words to suit YOUR interpretation of them.

When I referred to opinions as provocations to which I said, "Like they matter or anyone really cares," I was referring to MY opinions, not yours. Obviously I was very wrong as the retorts based on your misinterpretations of what I said illustrate.

You see, I had just come from a faux caucus of Barack supporters. In that regard, you were the last one on my mind.

Fran said...

What a wild ride this election has become!!!!!!!!!! (10 exclamation points).

I hate to see things turn into a brawl. I think it was Jerry Garcia that said *if in doubt (about someone's comments) take it as humor*.

I may be blathering on about the obvious here- but it IS a free country. And truth be known just within my own extended family, we have votes all over the place.

Apparently for many in this country, Obama has emerged as the clearly most sane one of the bunch, but not everyone sees it that way.

In a sense the fact that people are so passionate is certainly a step up from the traditional holding our noses and voting against the most horrible candidate.

I don't feel personally attacked-- maybe it is just that I share the same warped sense of humor & wry sarcasm style that Dada does.
I firmly believe that if we can't laugh we will go insane.

But for Ohio & Texas it's crunch time.
Tomorrow is the big day. I know E has been working her ass of working to help facilitate the change & try to steer the country out of the ditch it is in- deeply.

So in an attempt to help steer this conversation in another direction... please tell us about the Texas voting process.
Apparently, the phrase vote early, vote often, applies?

Texas does both a primary vote AND a caucus?

Voters really can vote twice in Texas primaries?

Do both votes count?

How is the primary done?
On shiny Diebold machines, or is it auditable/paper?

Will you be doing both?

I hope you hold off on voting for Sam till the big election.

A fire hydrant on EVERY corner!

* I respect everyone's opinions. I appreciate the different viewpoints, the exchange is healthy. I don;t think there was any malicious intent. So I hope all can take a breather & come back as friends. That being said.... that Texas republican thing is really pissing me off!

I can't imagine you staying home & not participating. I also don't see you voting for Clinton. that leaves McCain , Huckabee & Obama, and Ron Paul.

Now you see why Obama is the popular one.

eProf2 said...

Dada, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and most, if not all of your visitors, appreciate your politics being left of center and a voice for a regime change in the USA. Keep on posting exactly what's on your mind. That's why we come here.

Eric Hoffer, indeed, shed light quite awhile ago on the exchange today re: true believers. We all want to believe greatly in those candidates that we think best reflect our values. We don't often get our wish; but, if we should, be careful of what you wish for, especially if we're blinded by the Knight on a Shining Horse. More times than not, because our expectations are so high, we are ultimately disappointed. Certainly we shouldn't burn bridges from our friends over different choices of political candidates. Where is our sense of skepticism and cynicism about politics?

And, I must say, injecting myself into this exchange, you have more than most bloggers responded to almost each and every posting from visitors. I find that quite refreshing. Thanks.

As to where MY governor is, is it 10:00 pm yet? She's running for vp on the Obama ticket. So, she's likely to show up just about in any state here in the west promoting both Obama and herself. Whether she gets the nod, only time will tell.

I'm going to show up one of these days in Las Cruces at the High Desert to claim my numerous promises of free beer. LOL!!! Let's invite Enigma (and the rest of the regulars here) once this election is over, no matter who wins.

dada said...

Fran: Thanks for the Jerry Garcia wisdom. As I've hinted in the past on several occasions, Dada's Dally chose its name out of respect for the art and literary movement of nearly 100 yrs ago because of their rejection of conventional thought on societal values (to include politics, at that time manifesting in WWI).

What I found so wonderfully attractive about the Dadaists was their use of unusual satire and humor thru their art and literature to make their points. (Throwing eggs, tomatoes and other stuff was strongly encouraged at their onstage poetry readings and other live performances.)

Thus I started this blog with that in mind - commentary seasoned with humor, maybe a little absurdness. Most times that isn't present on things I chose to blog about because many things are just too incredibly and insanely serious to even joke about.

But occasionally I try. Most often I fail miserably. This particular blog being an example. Judging from the comments its drawn, its abject humor is some of my worst ever. (Or, perversely, some its best - judging from the tomatoes thrown - I don't know which.)

Fran said...

So tell us about the Tejas dual voting process & how you will participate. Also threw some voting day talking points on my blog, I invite you to mull over. Maybe stuff you'd not considered. Maybe you remain compelled to vote for Sam?

But in Texas you can vote early AND often....
what will Dada do?

Other than dodge tomatoes, that is...

dada said...

Fran: You asked about the Texas primary; about voting twice. Did you HAVE to ask?? I say that because most Texans (self included) do NOT fully understand it.

It's called the Texas Two Step. One HAS to vote (step 1) to caucus (step 2). To get your vote considered to its fullest, you must do both steps. (This is by no means an explanation of the process - it's more complicated than this.)

Then, as we are cautioned (like other places), delegates will decide whether to heed popular opinion or not and vote as they were delegated to do.

If we can just get a third step in Texas, I estimate we can eliminate 95% of the vox populi! Four steps, total eradication!

The more filters we can pass this process thru, the better protected we'll be from democracy I guess.

dada said...

eprof: Thanks for saying succinctly what I was trying to say in this blog (with bad humor to the more sensitive among us perhaps), i.e., to avoid extreme disappointment, one might season the enthusiasm with a dash of realism?

(I deleted specifics on some of the good points of candidates here - to even include McCain who acknowledges global warming!)

But, yes, the irony here is that brawling has erupted among people here - on the same side of the room!

It reminds me of a pack of republicans over there on the right side. (I guess the big fight is when sides reunite - hopefully soon - and begin the final brawl against each other.)

In the meantime, I suppose some of this is part of the process that was inevitable. Thanks for trying to temper the tempers. (grin)

And, who knows, on November 5th, maybe we can all gather and soothe our wounds with a couple pints of good ale as we celebrate the beginning of a new chapter, one of healing, in our nation's history?

dada said...

Fran: I'd intended to include a link to a brief explanation in previous comment about our process. I didn't. But I have it now. It's here.

As to what I'll do today, I'm not sure, i.e., I don't know if I'll return to the polls a second time today when caucuses begin this evening (as Mrs. Dada will be doing). We'll see. (Was that subtle enough?)

One thing I will be doing. With the new roof on, I plan to be painting a little each day in the weeks (months?) ahead. Mrs. Dada says I should hire someone, but when it comes to doing it the way I want it done, nobody does it better than "moi".)

dada said...

FINAL COMMENT: (BTW, in the Texas primary, I voted for Obama.)

In the real election in November, I can play loose with my vote, i.e., being in Texas my vote counts for nothing being as how it's winner takes all.