Thursday, March 20, 2008

Am I the only passenger having a hot flash?

Mitsubishi will unveil its entry vehicle, the iMiEV (love those catchy names!) in the New York International Auto Show this week, joining Toyota and General Motors in the all-electric car market. The iMiEV is capable of traveling 80 miles between recharges.

Some auto manufacturers, however, have been reluctant to develop an electric vehicle that relies on lithium-ion batteries which have been known to overheat in laptop computers and cellphones, fearing the three by five foot batteries employed in autos could pose a much, much greater hazard for users.

But Mitsubishi reassured potential buyers from any danger of overheating batteries by saying its manufacturer is already installing such batteries in Boeing 787 jets.

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D.K. Raed said...

I've been kinda, sorta thinking about the Chevy Volt. One of its options is expected to be hydrogen fuel cells. Talk about a hot flash. I can't help but think of H-bombs.