Friday, February 01, 2008

Saturday blather.

You know, this nation gets more laughable by the day. I thought I'd just mention a couple recent examples that have become the staple of American's diet, so accustomed have we become to eating it daily:

Chill Specter! Senator Arlen Specter wants to know why the New England Patriots destroyed those illegal spy tapes of their National Football League opponents. My advice to Arlen, "Forget it, it's just no big deal!"

You think maybe the New England Patriots are only following the protocol for such incriminations as have been established by our national leaders, be they the CIA and its torture tapes, the White House and those tens of thousands of destroyed e-mails on sensitive "security matters" Americans have no right to know about, or that grand congressional whitewash report on 9/11 in which no one was found to blame for the blackest day in American history?

And you're worried about a few destroyed Patriot's spy tapes? Lighten up. I say, "Good work, Pats!"

As goes the nation's health care, so goes the nation's health! Believe it or not, I did watch an interesting segment on CNN yesterday where a health care expert answered citizen's questions of concern.

The first was from a woman with a health problem that is nickel and diming her to death (I know, nickel and dime is archaic when it comes to parking meters, pay phones and health care). That's because the insurance her employer provides has a $5,000 deductible before it begins to kick in.

Her advice from the expert? Look for a new job with a lower deductible that accepts people with pre-existing conditions. If the deductible is still too high, she may need to procure additional insurance to supplement her primary coverage, the expert advised! (She can't afford what she has now!)

The second question was from a woman on Medicare who lives in a smaller town that has no doctor that will take Medicare patients because the government's reimbursements for such are too low. (NOTE: If Bush has his way, his latest budget will cut them even lower.)

The expert's advice to this woman was to consult some national registry that lists doctors willing to work for little or nothing by taking people on Medicare. In other words, say that woman lived in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Using the registry she might find a doctor willing to see her and her Medicare coverage in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Yeh, I know, that's in another state - just my example, but that's only 113 miles away and with the way things are going, certainly within the realm of possibilities.)

Meanwhile, as the little people are struggling to keep their heads above water, the pools are filling up swimmingly for the wealthy among us. Just know that while struggling with $3+/gallons of gas and growing energy bills to heat/cool our homes, the latest earnings report from Exxon Mobil was a record breaker. On sales of $404 billion, Exxon's net profit amounted to a mere $1,287 PER SECOND (!) for an annual take of $40.6 billion!

These are the highest profits recorded by any company in the history of planet Earth! You might think such a glowing result might be an indication of a nation prospering. But seriously, put in perspective, Exxon's earnings exceeded the gross national product of 120 countries, or in just every four seconds Exxon earned more than enough to pay one American's health care deductible of $5,000 annually.

Thanks for sacrificing at the pumps America!

Time for a change!

"The people can have anything they want. 
The trouble is, they do not want anything. 
At least they vote that way on election day." 
Eugene Debs

Change seems to be the key word of both party's candidates in this election year. While I don't expect anyone running to offer the significant changes needed to salvage this nation, I'm amused at the polls showing Arizona's senator McCain in a virtual tie with Hillary should he win the republican nomination. In other words, America's choices for "change" are so repugnant, I guess, that if Hillary is nominated it's a toss-up between her and four more years of more "republican" (and 100 more years of his wars!)

Sadly, we have been brainwashed to disdain anyone with the courage to open the flush valve and relieve the pressure on this nation before the pipes burst. Those people are out there, but we never hear about them. Sadly, when the pressure becomes too much, it's gonna blow and shit's gonna fly!

In the meantime, just think of these amusing stories of growing poverty and opulence as simply a redistribution of the wealth. One can never have enough now, can they?



Fran said...

I don't know if I want to scream or cry, or both? These are really not theoretical concepts- people really are trying to keep afloat in the ways you describe. The oil profit margin is the most disgusting to me. The least they could do is pay for their own war. They found the ultimate loophole in avoiding having to pay a part of their profit- raping the land while, sticking it to the little guy. But wait! It's not just the little guy anymore-- the big fuel users-- air, sea, truckers are in a place where they can;t absorb the added cost of the fuel & pass it along. Air flights have soared with additional fuel surcharges, and all those people taking cruises have to pony up more-- right down to something as simple as the produce department-- your head of lettuce is going to cost more, because of the price of gas. Must reach the flush valve!

Cart said...

It shouldn't matter who your president is. What should matter is that he/she knows that the people demand change, demand a fair slice of the pie.
The revolution is a thinking revolution, a matter of clearly articulating the needed changes and making the making sure the winner knows they are obligated to delver.

dada said...

Obviously Cart, we live on different planets. While what you say sounds nice, sadly, in the U.S. it is irrelevant, i.e., our leadership is not answerable to their constituents. Instead they are obligated to their owners -- the highest bidders, the special interests with the most bucks.

When it appears the electorate is interfering with the outcome of the election after voting rolls have been culled of perfectly eligible voters and that isn't sufficient, the voting machines are then easily tweaked in a key state or two to obtain the desired outcome.

In this country a "thinking revolution" is sadly unthinkable. Thanks anyway.

Cart said...

Given the intent of the 2nd amendment is now called terrorism you'd better just start screaming like a cut cat.
So much for democracy I guess, but nothing in the primaries has really suggested democracy yet.

D.K. Raed said...

Sheesh, and here I was looking fwd to medicare in order to get rid of the $10K deductible "health insurance" I'm stuck with. Now with medicare firmly in the sights of all potential prezzies, I'm thinking I may just have to keep it, assuming the ins co will let me. Since the largest health dollars are spent during the "medicare years", I might even have the good fortune to exceed my decuctible someday. wooo-hooo!

But hey, I discovered on my trip, a way to save gas! On the poorest indian rezzies, the non-casino tribes, gas was about $1 cheaper per gallon. If things start getting really bad, I may have to invoke my 1/16th paiute blood & move back there. At least I will be among former warriors who still talk about regaining their country & hanging the rich.