Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bible Chronicles, pt. 1: Today we remember the Old Testament lesson of passion and betrayal in what I call the story of....

Simpson and Delilah

(or Samson and Simpson)

I think it is good to reflect upon the stories of mankind from the vaults of wisdom passed down by our predecessors who, over tens of thousands of years, wreaked a lot of hell and havoc upon the Earth. The tales of their mistakes and resultant miseries survive in various forms as valuable lessons to us all.

That's why I thought today I'd mention one of those sources, the Old Testament, and its tale of Samson and Delilah. It's a biblical lesson most of us are familiar with but, as evidenced by Sunday's Dallas Cowboy debacle in an NFL playoff game, some of us may have forgotten.

It took only minutes, after favored Dallas' inept gridiron performance yesterday ended their otherwise excellent season and hopes for a Super Bowl appearance, for the the media to raise the centuries old "danger of women" (in the form of Jessica Simpson) upon the Cowboy's young $67.5 million quarterback "Samson," aka Tony Romo.

This wasn't the first time Jessica (Delilah) Simpson was blamed for Tony (Samson) Romo's poor performance. No, it was December 16th in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles that Simpson appeared in the stadium to watch her Samson. The result was Romo's poorest performance of the season, an injured thumb and a 21-17 Cowboy loss. (Which, coincidentally, was the same score as yesterday's Cowboy loss to the Giants.)

As reminded by Paul in 1 Corinthians: 7, "It is good for a man not to touch a woman." We know from the bible, Samson's legendary source of strength, his hair, was lost when Delilah played barber as Samson slept.

While I'm doubtful Jessica Simpson intended Tony Romo any harm, the media was quick to point out Romo and Simpson's tryst in Mexico before the Giants game may have cost him his focus. Just as Samson suffered after the departure of his hair, Romo may have suffered with Simpson's removal of Tony's football helmet. This to the delight of Cowboy adversaries nationwide sick of hearing "Dallas is America's Team."

As Romo was quick to state in response to these media accusations, "I don't live with regrets."

I suppose it's easier with 67.5 million reasons in the bank not to.

(In the next Bible Chronicles blog, we'll explore why Noah's Ark is likely a metaphor for
an alien space ship containing a database of the genetic codes for all living things on Earth.)

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enigma4ever said...

Oh dear....this is awful...I was so busy watching the demise of Britty that I missed this great American Tragedy.....oh the horrors...

( I hate Dallas.... sorry..)

D.K. Raed said...

Ok, now remember how the tale of Samson ended. He eventually grew his back his hair & took down the pillars of the temple. Must be a football metaphor in there somewhere. And BTW, Samson must not have been too cranially gifted since he let the same woman deceive him twice before he gave her the key to his strength.

ps, looking fwd to noah's DNA ark! holy cow, I mean holy cow DNA, I never considered that before. Just assumed it was a tall tale, all those animals could never have fit on a ship (& why flies & scorpions & antedeluvian barbara bushes were allowed). I may be forced to rethink my whole worldview now!

Cartledge said...

Ok, I have researched Aussie TV response on this issue. The dominant feeling is that any team that chooses to blame a pair of bazookas with #9 (I think) on them for their loss has deep problems.
Some suggested that any team relying on the concentration of one player has problems.
Mind you, no one commentating on the issue here has offered to go and defend the two Aussie sailors in San Diego for beating the living crap out of a bloke who thought American football was better than rugby.
Personally I might have been distracted by any woman, regardless of bust size. I haven't been able to concentrate on more than a few minutes of any football game since I had my head driven into the turf.

azgoddess said...

not that i care about the great american pastime - gossiping about other people - no wait - oh, it's baseball...

but this is interesting - he can't be responsible for his poor performance? just the continued perpetuation of women as evil...sigh

dada said...

enigma: "I hate Dallas...sorry." No apology needed. (I hate Dallas also ... no apology offered. ~grin) I was raised a Green Bay Packer fan from my parents who were from Wisconsin. I love the Packers, the only football team in America owned by its football fans.

d.k. - Obviously, from just looking at artist's renditions of the ark, it appears extremely unseaworthy. One whale swimming past would scare all ark occupants to the opposite side of the boat with the resultant loss of the boat and all life on Earth. That's why I'm pretty sure the ark was a flying saucer or some such with our resulting God being an alien (maybe one of those creepy reptilian ones) or whatever.

cartledge: This made me laugh as I remembered friends who, almost 20 yrs. ago hosted a very likeable exchange student from Canberra with whom I hit it off immediately after saying to him I thought it strange his hometown was named after a Toyota model.

A rugby player in the 'old country' he played the role of punter here on his local high school football team. The night we went to his game, he didn't so much as get his pretty white uniform dirty!

A year or two later, a nephew of ours attending the local university was a member of his fraternity's rugby team. We strongly urged him to quit before he lost his teeth. Our advice fell on deaf ears. That's because we suspect he was really in it for the post game beer brawls. I'm not sure if that's part of the Australian rugby tradition or not.

az: Thanks for reminding all of this. I suspect the original story of Samson was written by a man, hence, the 'evil woman' who was a COURTESAN (to put it nicely) who was ultimately destroyed in the end by her (lustful) lover seeing the error of his ways.

While we all know from the bible woman is the cause of our fall, it's men who love to be tempted and usually too weak to resist their wonderful charms - evil though they may be.

Cartledge said...

I'm not sure if that's part of the Australian rugby tradition or not. I would be happy to see two so-called sports banned; boxing and rugby league. The other version of rugby is played more in the spirit of my adored cricket.
But RL spawns two abominations, mindless beer brawls and culture of violence, and boxers.
I wouldn't mind if they just beat each others cranial cavity to pulp, (hard to say brains there:) but they take their moronic violence right into the community.
I used to laugh in Canada at adjoining fields the football players were packaged up like the Michelin man and the soccer players were flying free. I think proper rugby is somewhere in the middle.