Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Dada on final descent into Tehran where "Please remain seated until
the aircraft comes to a complete stop!" may be one of his last thoughts.

Recently, I had strange fantasies of emulating Dr. Strangelove in that movie's final scene where Major T.J. "King" Kong, the B-52 pilot and hero, rides the first nuclear bomb of World War III like a rodeo bull rider down on Russia.

I began dreaming of riding one down on top of Tehran. While a lot of Americans grumble about war with Iran, nobody really seems serious about doing anything to stop it. So recently, "Maybe it's a good idea!" has been sounding more and more reasonable to me.

Oh sure, in the movie, World War III was all a mistake that resulted from a tragic glitch in the built-in fail-safe procedures that failed to prevent an atomic Armageddon. But this time would be no mistake. This time everything's being carefully thought out. No way we could have an accidental World War III when the president's stated goal in bombing Iran back to the Stone Age is precisely the opposite--to prevent WWIII!

Over the past several months I had come to accept the Bush administration's justifications for attacking Iran. After all, blowing the shit out of them would make the world safer from terrorism, even if some fear there's a risk of it triggering total global nuclear annihilation. But then yesterday everything changed.

That's when I learned we had intelligence reports indicating Iran had stopped pursuing nuclear warheads from their enrichment program way back in 2003. Perhaps blowing up Iran wasn't necessary, I thought. My confidence was shaken. But then this morning everything changed--again.

That's because I listened to president Bush's press conference. And what I heard was logical and exciting: "Just because Iran is no longer pursuing a nuclear weapon, doesn't mean they won't sometime in the future. They could!" So as Bush reassured us, plans to obliterate Iran are an option still on the table because of something they might do sometime, someday, down the road, in the future.

And so, my dream to be in the final scene of a glorious movie making the world a safer place to live continues. Think of the message it will send to other nations who might otherwise think about having a nuclear weapon someday (or even a peaceful nuclear energy program simply to provide electricity -- always a ruse to produce secret WMD's for use against America). We must nuke Iran as an example to all.

If we do, other nations will get the message. "Think it and die!" (Are you listening Australia? [Not sure -- the Aussies may have secret nuclear capabilities worthy of U.S. investigation.] Mexico? Costa Rica? Djibouti?)

It's incredibly comforting, this feeling is. I've now stopped worrying. And I've learned to love the bomb. Looking forward to my final ride into Tehran, it's difficult not to quote some famous dead American who once said, "I regret that I have but one life to give to my country."

That's because I'd love to be around to ride another one of these nukes again if ever we need to remind others, like Belgium or Nepal maybe.



eProf2 said...

Don't forget to sing, We'll Meet Again, on the way down. Adios, mi amigo!

Isn't it just too much to hear a president of the US say that it'd be a good thing to bomb someone just because they "might" be thinking of doing something that would not be in the US interest? Unbelievable!

dada said...

Yes, yes! "We'll meet again," will be absolutely perfect for my final Earthbound journey.

I'm going to go over to the Whitehouse.gov site to reread the details from this morning's p.c. That's because I came away very confused. If what I heard is correct, juxtaposed with what I know, then it was Bush who was confused. Or it could be me...i.e., if Bush and I were brothers, I'd be known as the "harmless one."

eProf2 said...

After watching KO and even Tweedy Bird (if only he would allow his guests to answer his speeches), this president is absolutely the puppet of the neo-cons and vp Cheney. It's absolutely incredulous that he wouldn't have known about the intelligence being gathered as far back as 2003 re: Iranian nuclear intentions. Either he's the dumbest guy in the world or the most incompetent guy in the world. Take your pick!

The Republicans have had their way with the public for some time now with the mantra: Be afraid, be very afraid. ShrubCo thinks the NIE report supports more concerns and raises the spectre of more shredding of the Constitution to "protect 'Murika'."

Have another glass of wine and get off the bomb and continue to regale us with your wisdom and insights. Let Shit-for-Brains go down with the bomb wherever he decides to let it loose in the next 13 months.

"I'm Daryle, and this is my other brother, Daryle." I don't know about harmless.

D.K. Raed said...

Isn't that the subtitle for Dr. Strangelove ... "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"?

I don't know if I can wrap my brain around the two opposing thoughts you mention: to prevent WWIII we must initiate WWIII. However, the "Think it and Die" message seems appropriately dismal for our bleak future in detention camps where I'm sure our brains will be wired up & constantly monitored for unsuitable thoughts.

ok, thanks EProf, now I'm humming "we'll meet again" like one of those annoying ad jingles. Don't know where, don't know when ... arghhh!

ps, lovely pic, Dada, hope there's a parachute on that missile!

enigma4ever said...

the presser can only be watched to really understand how nuts bush is ....totally...scary...I don't know what will happen at this rate...I can only wait and see like everyone else....but I don't trust them as far as I can throw any of them....

too upsetting all of it....

I enjoy your humor, usually, but right now it is just too stressful for me.....I think I am just tired or worrying day and night what the fuckheads will do next...