Monday, December 17, 2007

Bush quotes

"The Venezuelan people rejected one-man rule. They voted for democracy."
(commenting on Hugo Chavez's recent controversial referendum with sixty-nine proposed changes to the constitution which failed. "Voted for democracy," proclaimed by Bush, now completing his 7th year of presidency as the result of two stolen national elections.)

"I've been to war. I've raised twins. If I had a choice, I'd rather go to war."
(spoken in Charleston, West Virginia, January 27, 2002 by a president confusing his tour of duty with a champagne Air National Guard unit, which he failed to complete, with having "been to war." Here he is reminding us he'd rather send our kids to war than raise his own twins, Barbara and Jenna.)

"steroids have sullied the game"
(responding to the Mitchell report of steroids in baseball. This by a man who has sullied the constitution, the nation, the Earth.)


D.K. Raed said...

1) I wonder if Hugo trying to nationalize Venezeula's heavy sour crude had anything to do with the controversy? You know we NEVER allow any country to nationalize their oil. Shell, Exxon, et al, won't stand for it.

2) 'Dub actually thinks he's been to war? Well, he's definitely got fuzzy memories of his Viet Nam days, blitzed in the pilot seat protecting the Texas coastline (might've resembled rice paddies to a harvard rich kid). But in this case, I think he was referring to his flyby plastic turkey drop in Iraq. Made him feel like he was really there in the thick of things. The twins are whole 'nuther matter on which he has fuzzy memories of having actually raised them (hate to think what he might've mistakenly put in their formula bottles).

3) funny you connected the ridiculous sports steroid story to the constitution -- I connected it to Blackwater (in a roundabout way at my place).

enigma4ever said...

oh, the idea that this man says he "raised twins".....he spawned some living cells, probally in a Celebratory state.....and he ejaculated us into a war....and he claims that when he was in Baseball that he does not remember ANYTHING unusual....yeah, and I am the know he loved watched those Muscle Bound workouts...his favorite pastime the first year of his presidency was "working out " with Abramoff....hmmm all of those muscles...that he denies knowing now.....okay I will stop...great always....I come here for my dose of piss and vinegar.....