Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bush proposes some sacrifice their lives to future terrorist attacks?

Bush's proposed cuts in anti-terrorism spending could
result in the slaughter of more innocent Americans.

The recent story that "A Bush administration plan to slash anti-terror grant programs by more than half" has many politicians very, very upset. Maybe reaction to this news lends credit to the Bush administration's effectiveness to instill fear in all of us.

Or maybe the real threat of terrorism isn't as great as Bush has frightened us into believing. Or maybe it is, but in a nation that's financially bankrupt (as well as morally), money must be squeezed from wherever Bush can get it, even it means sacrificing security and thousands of Americans as a result?

Either way, stay frightened, stay very frightened because it's impossible to tell where lies the greater threat of terrorism - overseas or Washington, D.C.? Neither scenario bodes well for Americans. But then most of 'em just don't give a shit. It's that time of year to go shopping and litter lawns with blown up plastic Santas.



eljoven said...

Was going to wait for my XMAS greeting but it's been over a month since I checked out your mind blowing site and your reference to the "plastic Santas" is too good to pass up without a comment: Back during the Camelot JFK days an irreverent fellow college co-oper (aka, Moscow-west) used the Holy Season to go around singing this ditty:
"I don't care if it rains or freezes
As long as I have my
plastic Jesus"
Well, while watching the GOP/CNN You-Tube "debate" I realized that I should be boning up on my Jesus and Bible knowledge. How else can I vote, if I wouldn't know what Jesus would do? The media are saying that Huckabee did best because of the way he answered the Bible questions. And still we laugh and smirk about the Islamists and their Koran.
Allah aboard the Creationist train.

Fran said...

I saw a sad editorial cartoon yesterday. People were passing oin the word that *the surge is working* (implying if it is said repeatedly, we will believe it) and the final frame had the words *We regret to inform .....*. Clearly the surge is NOT working if people are still dying, and we can't keep up this high level of saturation in order to maintain peace in Iraq.
As for the anti terrorism budget cuts.... I can only imagine the numer of hours & dollars spent just on the homeland domestic wiretapping program alone. People who are protestors- listening in to their calls- only to find these are ordinary people- instead of finding juicy expose information, they would now know they called to ask the husband to pick up some milk on the way home. Or don't forget to get Johnny after soccer practice. The scathing scandals they hoped to uncover found lots of peace activists are not terrorists with evil plots. Speaking of wasted money-I would think the color coded terrorism threat level chart is one of the biggest wastes of time & money. The level will never go into the non fear zone & I'll venture to say the vast majority of people have no idea what color means what level of threat. If they just keep telling us to *remain vigilant* then if something goes wrong, they can blame us for not being vigilant. There you go! Their asses are covered.

One other thought--I can't help but notice the countries that do not interefere with other countries business and resources, tend to not have problems with terrorists. Hmm- go figure!

My sincere condolences for the deceased deflated Santas shown in the photo. Congress should launch a full blown investigation into seeing if it was lead paint poisoning from these Made in China decorations. Maybe the Chinese world domination strategy is to sell cheap plastic crap, tainted with lead, to kill us all off with lead poisoning & take over the world?

We have some neighbors who pay their annual homage to the Chinese light & yard decoration industry. Nothing says f**k global warming like cramming every square foot of your yard with power burning, lead laden decorations.

D.K. Raed said...

seems if he's cut off one way, he feints & goes long (or deep, or whatever that football term is). In this case, if congress tries to cut the warfunds, he'll take it from domestic security (which was never domestic & never secure anyway, so why do I care). But the point is (there was a point there somewhere), he WILL take it, from you & me & everyone who isn't part of his ruling cabal.

oh yeah! it's that time of the year, when my dogs are busy "covering" all those plastic blow-up santas & reindeers in urine. they were bereft for a few weeks after halloween. don't these neighbors ever learn? when they put this stuff away every year, do they have to get out the industrial piss-strength cleaning solvents?

LOL, Eljoven: "Plastic Jesus"!!! btw, try substituting "what would bush do" for the "jesus" youtube question & then DO THE OPPOSITE!

Fran, we have the same energy-oblivious neighbors, enough lights to be seen from outerspace!

dada said...

Great comments of good humor and cynicism.

eljoven: lieu of boning up on your bible, maybe you can just save yourself much time/effort and take the MSM's word on it, vote for Huckabee? (I don't know why, I can't look at him w/o seeing Kevin Spacey in "American Beauty")

Anyway, point well taken. (And seriously, I didn't realize how old that Plastic Jesus refrain was!)

So you know how sometimes on the Web you head off somewhere with a particular goal in mind, get totally side-tracked, end up somewhere completely unexpected asking yourself, "Now what was I supposed to be doing?" (but you can't remember).

Well, somehow Friday I ended up at
You Tube listening to a Universalist church choir from Berkeley singing, "I Ain't Afraid", the lyrics of which go something like,

"I ain't afraid of your Yahweh
I ain't afraid of your Allah
I ain't afraid of your Jesus
I'm afraid of what you do in the name of your God"

And I realize after listening to the media's appraisal of Huckabee that I'm very afraid.

Fran: I love your anger. I can't help but wonder how much energy independence we could have had with the couple of $trillion these wars are costing us. But that's not how it works, is it?

And your "I can't help but notice the countries that do not interfere with other countries business and resources, tend to not have problems with terrorists," was very nicely put.

Too bad there's no place for such high flying ideas like that to land upon in the pot-holed runways of D.C. minds.

D.K. - Thanks for sharing your dog's consecrations of all the wonderful reindeer and Santa's in your neighborhood. But please take care to "rain" 'em in should you happen to come across a plastic Jesus in someone's yard (who's escaped his dashboard).

Cartledge said...

Given the fact the rest of the world is ignoring poor George, you guys are all he has left.
Believe me, I feel guilty about walking away and leaving you to him. Well, not really guilty...
Anyway, if he takes out all those red suited freaks he might get a Nobel prize for humanity or something. A fitting end to a bumbling stooge.

dada said...

Okay, my apologies to Australia. Somewhere here within this blog or its comments area, I insinuated the Aussies may be suspect; may be covert partners in the secret society of those nations possessing nuclear weapons. (Credit my ignorance.) Apparently they're not.

Why does EVERYONE have to be smarter than the Americans and Russians? BASTARDS!!

However, I must take exception to your smugness and the guilt trip you be a layin' upon us isolated Yanks, Cartledge.

Nah, never mind. If we had just done what y'all had just done, I'd be smug too. Again, congratulations!

Yours with envy, Dada

Cartledge said...

Dada, it is early days, and my sincere hope is recent events will wash through the US.
I have too much regard for too many Americans to accept the tide of change is flowing.
I am quietly rejoicing here, but only quietly. out of Iraq - into Kyoto etc. A good start but I like a quote from one of your former presidents: I'm from Missouri, show me!