Monday, November 12, 2007

"Happy Springtime" (Bush is Over!)

From today's "Democracy Now!" comes the following story as a result of the above video. With spring but four and one-half months away, take heart, we may all live to sing this song one day if Cheney's psychopathic lust for war with Iran and World War III can be squelched (which at present looks doubtful).

Legos Awards Eight-Year-Old $5,000 For Singing "Bush Is Over" eight year old from Bethesda Maryland is making headlines this week after winning a $5,000 prize from the toy company Legos. Kelsie Kimberlin was one of 10 children to win Lego's first annual Creativity Awards. In order to win the award she wrote an essay saying that her creativity came through singing songs like "Happy Springtime," a reworking of John Lennon's "Happy Xmas." A video of Kelsie singing the song was also posted on YouTube. In the song her father changed the lyrics to the song from "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" to "Happy Springtime (Bush is Over)." Officials from Legos claim they didn't see the video before awarding Kelsie Kimberlin the prize money. When asked to describe her winning entry, she told the Washington Post: "I don't want kids to lose any parents in the war."


Fran said...

Now I won't be able to get this song out of my head! What a sweet rendition of that song.
Kudos to the Legos people for giving Kelsie the award.

John Lennon did a film montage with graphic photos of the Vietnam war to that song. It brought me to tears, and changed the meaning of that song.

I am still holding out hope for the Impeachment process & just posted a bunch of things you can do to keep the impeachment resolution alive, on my blog.

The Judiciary Committee voicemail box is full, so that is heartening.

If anything we can sing this song on 1•20•2009 when Bush is officially out of office.

azgoddess said...

this is a great - thanks for sharing...

enigma4ever said...

wow...and thank you Lego...I always knew that there was a Heart in that company....that helped raise my son...good for you for sharing this ...( Check blog roundup...this week)