Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Dada comment:

"Screw that little punk-ass attorney general, Alberto Gonzales. That smarmy little bastard should be fired!"
Whoa! OK, in that that comment appears on my blog, I take full responsibility for it even though I wasn't aware of who made it. While I deny any knowledge of who was responsible for such a derogatory suggestion, you must know--all of you--that Dada's Dally has more than 100,000 potential sources that contribute to blogs posted here.

While oversight of such an extensive base of potential contributors is almost beyond my managerial scope of responsibility, I admit it is within my purview of commitment to do so. Therefore, it is my pledge to any readers of the above to get to the bottom of this in the next paragraph or so.

Know that Dada pledges such mistakes that occurred in this instance will not occur again in the future.

believes very strongly in his obligation to ensure that when I provide information to readers of this blog that it's free of invective. Know I am very dismayed that that may not have occurred here. And for that I am sorry, so don't form a committee to investigate me, or demand I be fired. (Pleeeeeeeeze!)

Finally, please note that I have sought out and found the person who made the above comment and I have accepted his resignation. (That should be more than enough to satisfy everyone.)


D.K. Raed said...

uh-oh, sounds like someone is missing Enigma's Foul Jar. Speaking of which, where is that missing enigma anyway? ~~ D.K.

dada said...

Oh raed: You don't how many variations of that first sentence I wrote before settling on the "polite" one I used.

Yes, I really missing Enigma's Foul (mouthed) jar. But, of course, I'm really missing Enigma's snarkiness and wit much, much more.

Sure hope she's okay.

azgoddess said...

yes me three!