Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thanks to Ironic Times


enigma4ever said...

oh like a Certain Frat Boy that wants to NOW talk about Iran? .....yup...more Quicksand...

You have been writing up a storm here....

okay so here is the thing..500,000 people came to DC last week- not a single dent in the Conscience of DC, the Shrub or the MEdia- so what next?

dada said...

Enigma: How about we all just (for today, anyways) shut the hell up, take the day off, watch the Super Bowl (especially all the commercials). I'm sure that will please our public "servants"

*...Whew! How's that for evading a tough me another day's reprieve from answering **THE BIG ONE**...*

Dada fades to the horizon whilst singing a Geico commercial lyric,

"I got my money,
a brand new bumper,
it's my birthday"

...."Geez, Enigma asks the tough questions," Dada thinks through a French accented smile..."Gotta think of something...maybe if we all put our heads together....?"