Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just another Sunday morning serving of tequila sunrise and more MSM bullshit!

There's this picture in this morning's Sunday paper of a bunch of spent artillery shells recovered after being used in one of your normal, everyday run-of-the-mill Iraqi suicide bombings. The photo tells us the serial numbers and markings link the shells to Iran.

But I prefer the picture of this morning's sunrise. Why? Because, unlike the photo in the Times, I will vouch for this picture's authenticity. That's because I just took it. I then uploaded it to the blog straight from the camera. I didn't arrange the clouds like the artillery shells, and I can't say with certainty where the sunrise originated or who's responsible. And probably most importantly, I'm not going to bomb the shit out of whoever's responsible for it.

But the article in this morning's Times goes on to say--quite seriously, "After weeks of preparation and revisions, U.S. officials are preparing to detail evidence supporting the administration's claims of Iran's meddlesome and deadly activities." (emphasis mine)

Mainstream media also tells us how haunted the administration is over "intelligence blunders about Saddam Hussein's supposed weapons of mass destruction as the United States tries to document that Iran is providing lethal help to Iraqi fighters."

Well, as we've known for years now, Bush's Iraq war and the hundreds of thousands now dead as a result of it is all just total bullshit. So please MSM, spare me the illusions "mistakes" were made and we're now to believe Bush is trying to get his reasons for our next war right. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! I guess you must think the American public is dumber than the media that beats Bush's drum for war for us.

And while I'm at it, does MSM tell us about Saudi Arabian
Sunnis buying similar weapons now being used in Iraq? No, of course not, because we're not planning to invade Saudi Arabia.

Oh wait, we're not planning to invade Iran either. Tony snow told us (again) this past Thursday.

No, I prefer to look at my own unadulterated picture of this morning's sunrise instead of artillery shells lined up for an anti-Iran Bush photo op. And after we stop provoking Iran and start bombing Iran, a nation we've been assured we aren't planning to invade with Bush and Cheney in charge of whether "to Armageddon or not to Armageddon," I honestly don't know how many more sunrises like this morning's we have left. And I think, "That is the question."


border explorer said...

sure glad you can vouch for the photo, dada, 'cuz I think I see six or eight guided missles silhouetted in the dawn on the right side of that el paso shot and they look like the kind they make in iran, too.

dada said...

border explorer: Thanks for the astute observation. Sadly, you now have instilled in me a doubt.

What I had assumed to be Italian Cypress silhouetted in the predawn sunrise may actually be cleverly disguised guided missiles??!!

Oh crumbling credibility. But for every loss a gain I suppose...i.e., my dwindling faith in what I see is compensated for by my increasing doubt of what is real.

Thank you for pointing this out!