Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's all soooo irrelative!

So Bush hasn't shown his face at a democratic congressional retreat since 2001. He hasn't needed to. But with the shift in power, he showed up at the current one democrats are holding this weekend at a Virginia resort.

And oh, Bush was so funny, he gathered laughs and good will with "self-deprecating jokes, unusual candor and outright flattery" according to reporter Jennifer Loven's article, "Bush Woos Democrats, Pokes Fun at Self."

Sadly, I made the mistake of reading this before my dinner. Quoting speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi (whose title or body of government in which she serves I find impossible to capitalize--it's all I can do to capitalize government representative's proper names) said to Bush, "We were honored by your presence. We're also encouraged by your remarks."

Afterwards, Pelosi said to reporters of her Bush encounter of the third kind, "Let's make no mistake. The choice is bipartisanship or stalemate. We have to work together," in a reaffirmation that America is no longer a nation of laws applicable to everyone who violates them; who threaten the very foundations the nation was founded on.

However, take solace knowing laws still apply to kids who steal a 12-pack from a 7-11 on a late night beer run or presidents who somehow stain blue dresses, but not those who commit crimes others who committed lesser have hung for.

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