Monday, February 05, 2007

Getting the America all Americans deserve!

"Bush’s Budget Expected to Reduce
Medicare Spending,"
Jan. 29, 2007

"Bush Plan Seeks Billions More for Iraq,"
Feb. 5, 2007

"President Bush...warned Saturday that unless programs like Medicare and Social Security are changed, future generations will face tax hikes, government red ink or huge cuts in benefits." ~AP, 2/4/07

But Bush would like to thank each and every American alive at this very moment for contributing $800 apiece for his latest "surge" in Iraq!

"Man, your pockets are bottomless, y'all are so generous!" Bush seems to be telling us, as congress, "Tsk, tsks," nonbindingly, Bush's latest escalation.

I truly am looking forward to getting to know fellow citizens more intimately as we huddle for shelter under a freeway overpass in the not so distant future!
Yes, we truly are getting the America we all so richly deserve!


pissed off patricia said...

Killing people is his cup of tea. Saving American lives, not so much.

Remember when he said the we know better how to spend our money than the gov does? Well, for once in his career, he was right. Given a choice, we wouldn't be spending our money on killing innocent people.

Border Explorer said...

Dada, you keep the heat on the administration. I appreciate your entries because they enrage me to "get up and do what needs to be done." Thanks for the daily motivation!

azgoddess said...

i don't deserve him...i deserve the guy i voted for who also happened to win but um, got robbed of the job...

PoliShifter said...

Who needs improved infrastructure, health care, student loans, or social security when we can just write a check to Halliburton for hundreds of Billions of dollars.

With the money gone, those damn commie pinko liberal democrats can't spend on such insane entitlement programs like Head Start.

dada said...

border explorer: Thanks for the inspiration renewal. Coming from you, that's a *real* compliment.

To everyone else: "border explorer" is someone I met for the first time several weeks ago at a Friday noontime peace demo in front of the gov't courthouses downtown.

The encouraging words she shared come from someone who is REALLY involved in the community (whichever community her and her husband happen to be in). Such praise coming from people who literally "walk the walk" is truly humbling and deeply appreciated!