Thursday, February 22, 2007

Feel the love!

Yesterday in El Paso we were visited by Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church. A small group from his congregation and their supporters held a demonstration outside the gates of Fort Bliss while a memorial service was being held inside for the troops from that post recently killed in Iraq.

This photo, courtesy of the El Paso Times, shows the demonstrators. I was most intrigued with the young girl in the photo just above the "Thank GOD for EFP's" sign standing in the shadows. She must be all of 12 years old. And she's wearing a shirt that reads "God hates"

Thank God for Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church who came all the way from Kansas to spread their love.


PoliShifter said...

"Thank God For Dead Soldiers"

That makes no fucking sense to me.

What am I missing?

What a bunch of freaks...but I support their right to free speech and to assemble peacefully.

If they had been liberal antiwar protesters they would be rangled into free speech zones and likely some hauled off to jail.

azgoddess said...

good eyes there dada -- well, it is the religious right, isn't it?

dada said...

az....right, er, religious right.

Maybe that's where you were going with it, huh, polishifter...*free speech* zones (read "penned-in spaces" miles from anyone who might see or hear their protest) for liberal antiwar types, but Bush's extreme right wing gets free reign.