Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random house thoughts

Quotes from my Christmas present, the George Bush, Out of Office Countdown 2007 Calendar:

"Rarely is the question asked, 'Is our children learning?' "

To my knowledge, that question was never asked ... not quite like that anyway ... until George Bush asked it. We're all very familiar with that misappropriation of his language, but that was something he said 7 years ago today, before the American people allowed him to install himself as president--without psychological evaluation!

"Who could have possibly envisioned an erection -- an election -- in Iraq at this point in history?"

Spoken January 10th, 2005 in one of his nicer Freudian slips. Interesting that Bush chose last night, the second anniversary of that misspeak, to unveil yet another overhaul of his failure laden Iraq policies and hint at his covetous future ambitions for us all in the Persian Gulf.

Having already lost Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush's international erectile dysfunctional saber rattling--as he strongly warned Syria and Iran last night--is now zeroing in on them! Maybe if he uses nuclear weapons this time, he can get the quick climax to a war he so lasciviously lusts after but which has frustratingly eluded him so far.
OK, enough of the calendar. Here's a nice quote from Bush in last night's speech:

"The year ahead will demand more patience, sacrifice and resolve."

Who better to prepare us for the future he envisions for us all than Mr. Patience, Resolve, and Sacrifice himself? George Bush knows sacrifice.


Kristi Mantoni said...

I miised the speech last night and was hoping to get your point of view. Any additional thoughts?

dada said...

Hi kristi: I have nothing to say, yet to do so, to say it, would require more space/time than available within the confines of this blog. Bush's words are still being analyzed.

You didn't miss much. Expect more of the same in Iraq with a *bonus ramp up* to war with Syria and Iran. At this very time, we are doing our best to provoke the latter so we might extend the bombing eastward beyond the Iraq border.