Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Free lube jobs with oil change

George Bush in his Slim Pickens' impression of
Dr. Strangelove's Maj. T.J. "King" Kong (shown
here riding his heavy metalled monster macho
mare, "Momma," into nuclear obliteration).
This is getting old. As I ventured tenuously out onto our snow covered driveway to pick up the morning's paper, I could read through its transparent orange prophylactic wrap, "Another Bliss loss."

Apparently, another soldier from our local military outpost died yesterday. That's the 6th from Fort Bliss in the past week. And I wondered if other military communities around the nation are experiencing similar headlines in their local newspapers as a result of our latest Iraq "surge." (Oh wait, the surge is only just beginning!)

This happened on the eve of Bush's State of the Union tonight. Once more we will suffer through another speech of delusions and lies and Bush visions on how to protect America from the onslaught of his worst psychotic nightmares.

As we heard in his response to Jim Lehrer's analogy of Iraq as a broken egg we caused, Bush said, "I don't quite view it as the broken egg; I view it as the cracked egg ... where we still have a chance to move beyond the broken egg." (sic)

Such is the jibberish we can most likely expect more of this evening from the man with his thumb on the bottle containing the nuclear genie.

Don't expect talk of America's vanishing middle class, or mention of the General Accounting Office's recent report the federal budget is not only very bad, it's even worse than we are led to believe while we learn the theme of this year's World Economic Forum confirms America's prowess is fading fast to the likes of emerging economic powers like China and Brazil. These are the things that should strike real terror in the heart of every American, but you won't hear that from Bush tonight.

Instead we'll hear how strong the American economy is, perhaps some saber rattling to grease you for war with Iran, maybe some weird funny money tax scheme plan to insure more Americans have health care, but don't expect much reality from dilusionary Bush.

As I'm typing this, a Truthout article just arrived in my mailbox with the headline, "U.S. warns Iran to back down." How about the U.S. backing off too? As with Iraq, it ain't gonna happen with Iran.

Are we scared enough yet by the Iranians? If not, tune in tonight for some more grease. I pity the American troops in Iraq when the bombs start falling on Iran. In fact, I will pity the American people too, because if we do this, if we let it happen, that's what we shall all truly be: a pitiful nation.


D.K. Raed said...

I must be a glutton for punishment, but I did force myself to watch Bush tonight. I should've just read your post instead. He really did say as close to nothing as possible, except for pointedly threatening a nuclear iran.

I liked Jim Webb's rebuttal. Ex-marine hub has read most of his military novels & followed him for yrs. I enjoyed his 'Born Fighting, a history of scots-irish contributions to america'. I just left a comment at Enigma's about his mentioning our vanishing middle class, just one of many things bush doesn't address.

I followed your link to Bernanke's economic assessment. He talks about the looming SS/Medicare crisis, but I see he really has no recommendations. I wonder why no one ever gets very far with one obvious solution of removing the wage cap for FICA withholding. This year it's $97,500. Does it make any sense that once a person makes more than $97,500/yr they immediately get a 6.2% raise. Why even talk about complicated privitizing schemes without first trying this easy fix? Oh yeah, I forgot, those earning over $97,500/yr are probably bush supporters. ~~ D.K.

dada said...

d.k. my apologies...re the Bernanke link. That is NOT the original article by him that inspired my mentioning that fact. I couldn't actually find it in my rush to post something before Bushspeak VII began, so I think I got something similar (altho, I confess, I didn't actually read this one. ~grin)

FICA contributing after one's first $97,000??!! WFT?? That would be a redistribution of the wealth. And besides, why should they continue to contribute...they don't need that Soc. Sec. crap anyway (but rest assured they're damn sure gonna take it.) So much for noblesse oblige. We don't permit such bullshit in this great nation where it's every man for himself, full speed ahead, everybody else be damnned!

Thanks for watching last night. Be sure to put Tums on your grocery list.

azgoddess said...

i didn't watch baby bush - he makes my ears bleed and i know it's all fluffy bullshit anyways...nothing real comes out of his mouth - so there's no point in listening...

thanks for the re-cap...the net has been a flutter about jim webb today...hope has risen to the top of the shitpile...

D.K. Raed said...

Hey Dada, no prob w/the Bernanke link. I enjoyed the recap of our looming SS crisis & then your comment above to reinforce that we are one nation for ea individual to do his best to screw all other individuals. Ain't capitalism grand?

So, not only did I watch bushspeak 7 last night, but went back & watched pieces of it today! Pure agony. I did spot something I'd missed & that was where he referred to foreign religious extremists "spreading totalitarian idealogy". Oh, the irony. Also, any idea why Kerry went racing out of the room faster than greased lightning while everyone else was just barely hauling their rear ends up for the ending ovation? I mean I know why *I* would want to exit that foul chamber quickly, but wondered why he would willingly give up TV camera time. ~~ D.K.

meldonna said...

Bush's speech was not only a tired rehash, it was coma-provoking as well. I swear I could hear McCain snoring.

dada said...

Mel: Amen, this guy's been saying the same shit the past six--seven years. I guess that's further proof of America's attention deficit, huh? 'everything old is new again' as 'They Might Be Giants' would say.

I have absolutely no desire to even comment on SOTU.

Raed: You s'pose Kerry exited so fast cause he knows who the real president is but he didn't have the ganos to stand up to him in '04, he sure as hell can't face him in '07?

But I like Kerry as a reminder: Watching him as a young Vietnam vet testifying before congress in the 70's and seeing him now is scientific proof of entrophy.

And AZ's right, nothing new comes out of Bush's mouth (QED, Might be Giants!), but oh what comes out of his other orifices...like blood from his eyes, fire from his nostrils, oh I'll stop there, I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet.