Monday, January 22, 2007

"Don't Worry, Be Happy!"

In this short, one minute clip, Robert Anton Wilson (who passed away earlier this month) reminds me where I keep going so wrong. I can't get inside (and stay there!) my optimistic space. What Wilson fails to mention, however, by being continually pessimistic, your lifespan's reduced, you're out of here quicker, lessening the length one has to suffer the seeming insanity.

But, of course, as he DOES point out, if one is optimistic, longevity is increased, you live longer and have more fun doing it.

So the question becomes: How does one be so flippin' optimistic all the time? Petting ol' dalmation Sammy Cincos lying next to me works for the moment, but what about when I go out and get the morning paper off the driveway and the first thing I see is the fifth soldier to die in the past couple of days from little old local Ft. Bliss has succumbed to Bush folly. Aged 39, he leaves a wife and fifth grade daughter.

And if I could maintain my optimism through news like that, can I preserve it through Bush's state of the insane union speech tomorrow night, telling us why he's repeating the same dismally unsuccessful behavior, expecting a different outcome?



azgoddess said...

i do it by not reading the news -- just every once and awhile glancing at the headlines...

be optimistic, i mean

D.K. Raed said...

Thanks for this, Dada (and RA Wilson). I needed it today. yes, hmmmm, quite the conundrum, isn't it? I have NO idea how to achieve eternal optimism in the face of overwhelming sh*t, except on a short-term basis. So, maybe those little bursts of optimism will mean a moderate lifespan, neither lengthy nor short. True, venting after tomorrow's speech may lop off a bit, but if the alternative is permanent insanity, I will witness & vent in my usual state of stunned unbelief. ~~ D.K.