Monday, January 29, 2007

Dick Chainey to hang!

Dada note: In the explosion called the *Big Bang*, the next galaxy over, just outside our's--called the Silky Way, burst forth 1/14,137th of a nanosecond before our own Milky Way. Because the Universe continues to expand after its birth "13.7" billion years ago [there's the damn recurring, mysterious number *137* that continues to plague physicists!], the Silky Way is now 3.7 Earth years ahead of us. And so, from that galaxy comes the following news, originaly transmitted in early August, 2007, Earth time: (Note: any resemblence to persons here on Earth to those of the Silky Way, is purely cosmic coincidence.)


Dick Chainey to hang!

Former U.S. vice president-despot, Dick Chainey, has been sentenced to death for his role in 925,000 killings of Iraqis and more than 17,000 American deaths in Iraq since 2003. He will have his sentence carried out by Sunday, NBCEEDY News reported Tuesday.

According to a U.S. military officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, Chainey will be hanged sometime during the Easter religious holiday weekend, which begins on Good Friday, the network's Richard Angle reported. (Unlike Jesus, he is not expected to resurrect.)

The U.S. military received a formal request from the International Court of Justice in The Hague to transfer Chainey to United Nation's authorities, NBCEEDY reported on Tuesday, which is one of the final steps required before his execution. His sentence, handed down last month, ordered that he be hanged within 30 days or one month, whichever comes first.

Earlier Tuesday, Chainey's chief lawyer implored world leaders to prevent the United States from handing over the ousted leader to the U.N. for execution.

"According to the international conventions, it is forbidden to hand a prisoner of war to his adversary,” claimed Chainey's lawyer, Kenneth Starre. “I urge all the international and legal organizations, the United States, the Arab League and all the leaders of the world to rapidly prevent the American administration from handing the vice-president to the U.N. authorities,” he told The Disassociated Press.

When asked how it is Starre considers the U.N. to be Chainey's adversary, Starr responded saying, "because it is comprised of members Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, North Korea, Venezuela and the other 10 South American nations, 7 Central American countries, all of sub-Saharan Africa and France!"

Any hopes for U.S. intercession based upon Starre's request on Chainey's behalf appear dim.


enigma4ever said... are killing me...Chainey ???? Dissassociated Press? NBCEEDY ???? omg....still laughing....oh my I will have to go rope pricing again....thanks for the laugh...

D.K. Raed said...

so, it's kind of a good-news bad-news transmittal from the Silky Way? Good that D.C. will hang, but bad that so many thousands more of our soldiers & hundreds of thousands more iraqis will die first. Of course, we could short-circuit that whole scenario right here in our own Milky Way. Aug 2007 can't come soon enough. ~~ D.K.

dada said...

Hi guys: I'm sick of all this bullshit. We're going to war any week now once the second A/Carrier group arrives in the Gulf (as early as next week).

Notice how the focus has shifted from Iran's nuclear program to their aiding and arming of Iraqis now, Bush's "threat" speak, the anti-Iranian stories in the media ?

And I get the sense those extra 21,000 American troops aren't really going over there to solve Iraq's problems so much as to provoke and take the brunt of any Iranian reaction to our provocations for the war they, the Iranians are going to "start." (Yeh, right.)

As we all know, Bush is sick, wounded (sinking approval ratings), and lame (as in duck). He doesn't give a fuck we any of us think.

So, more of our troops, who are being placed in the middle of the shooting gallery (to include this NEXT war our navy men and women on ships in the Gulf) will die. Perhaps many, many more. And there's nothing you nor I can do about it, or our congress will do about it.

And if there exists Iranian terror cells in this country and they are ordered to respond here once Bush's third war starts, will we all cower down to Bush to protect/save our asses or realize his fucking Homeland Security is nothing but smoke and mirrors? I'll bet the former...

Add to that Molly Ivins is mortally ill and Barbaro's fallen victim to the industry he was born enslaved into (his last months were standing on three legs until the good one opposite the bad one went bad, at which time he had to put weight on the bad to let the good one gone bad repair) and I'm not in a very good mood.

But as always, I know you'll let me rant and for that I "Thank you!"

Just wish we could get on with the psychotic insanity seeing as how there's no one to stop it.

D.K. Raed said...

Agree with everything you just said, Dada. There is so much bushit running rampant now, the very meanings of words are changing as we speak, and we all know Homeland Security is just another way of saying detention camps. But ranting is good for the soul & yours is a justified lament over loss -- loss of personal freedoms, loss of any hope for a peaceful future, loss of congressional courage, loss of lives being needlessly sacrificed to an insane power grabbing cabal, loss of the heroic Barbaro, loss of Molly Ivins beautiful voice. I would take issue only with your final thought in that it simply MUST remain desireable to postone full-blown endtimes psychosis for as long as possible. I cannot think otherwise without contemplating my own personal psychosis. So I would like thank YOU for ranting, Dada, for your rants are one of few ways I know I'm not (yet) crazy. Please keep ranting. ~~ D.K.