Friday, January 26, 2007


I was pushing my shopping cart down the candy aisle today when I spotted my dentist's receptionist up ahead studying what to buy. She didn't see me, and as I pushed my cart behind her, she reached into the shelf and pulled out a 1 lb. bag of M&M's.

"Oh, Carol, you are so busted," I said, passing without so much as looking at her.

Carol immediately spun around and started stammering, "They're not for me!" Then muttered something about "they're for a recipe of trail mix" she had seen, tossing the M&M's into my cart, thinking that'd make me complicit.

As I returned the candy to her cart I said, "I'm still going to tell Doc!"

If only Bush, or Cheney, or Rice, or Gonzales, congress or America could experience guilt and take some action to alleviate it.


enigma4ever said...

guilt ??? an absolute HUMAN emotion to be experienced by these heartless bastards ? haha...very funny....the main problem is that they are TRUE criminals- they have no remorse and certainly do not think they have done any "wrong." all....they have blood on their hands-but they don't even see all...

D.K. Raed said...

You got that poor girl so flustered she dropped her M&M's into YOUR shopping cart? soooo...if B,C,R or G could experience guilt, they'd throw the iraq war (for starters) back in OUR laps? Ohhh no, un-uh, no way are they getting off that easy. This is why I laugh everytime I hear one of 'em asking for OUR plan. They OWN this mess, they can damn well clean it up. The fact that they can't clean it up, or as Engima points out, they don't even recognize it as a mess in first place, does not mean we all have to start eating their M&M's, err well you know. ~~ D.K.

PTCruiser said...

Just remember to floss every day.