Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Sick of You"

So it's the day after Christmas and the spirit of the season is already fading. I was just reading an interesting Information Clearing House article sample from Sheila Samples, "Will Stinky Cut The Big One?" but when I click on the link to read the rest of the story something else pops up, having tempted me with, (OK, I found the rest of the story here at Smirking Chimp)

"Bush is a brutal, pathological liar -- arguably a homicidal maniac. After losing two wars against helpless, unarmed nations, he's bored. The Decider is moving on to greater things, and those who know how to listen to him know the decision to nuke Iran has already been made."

Meanwhile, in the background is a song by Lou Reed playing titled "Sick of You". (Sorry, no YouTube video available.) But if these are portents of things to come in 2007, stay tuned. My meltdown may be imminent.

Oh, and I forgot to mention...to go along with the above (and below), I was at someone's blog (my apologies, I don't remember whose) reading comments and drowning in envy at things being said by someone in Spain that we, here, in this country can't say because "freedom of speech" comes at a cost few Americans can afford to pay anymore."

So, I will let Lou Reed speak for me instead. His lyrics hint at how I'm feeling at the moment.

Lou Reed - Sick Of You

I was up in the morning with the TV blarin'

brush my teeth sittin' watchin' the news

All the beaches were closed the ocean was a Red Sea

but there was no one there to part in two

There was no fresh salad because there's hypos in the cabbage

Staten Island disappeared at noon

And they say the midwest is in great distress

and NASA blew up the moon

The ozone layer has no ozone anymore

and you're gonna leave me for the guy next door

I'm Sick of You, I'm Sick of You

They arrested the Mayor for an illegal favor

sold the Empire State to Japan

And Oliver North married William Secord

and gave birth to a little Teheran

And the Ayatollah bought a nuclear warship

if he dies he wants to go out in style

And there's nothing to eat that don't carry the stink

of some human waste dumped in the Nile

But one thing is certainly true

no one here knows what to do

I'm Sick of You, I'm Sick of You

The radio said there were 400 dead

in some small town in Arkansas

Some whacked out trucker drove into a nuclear reactor

and killed everybody he saw

Now he's on Morton Downey and he's glowing and shining

doctors say this is a medical advance

They say the bad makes the good and there's something to be

in every human experience

Well I know one thing that really is true

This here's a zoo and the keeper ain't you

And I'm sick of it, I'm Sick of You

They ordained the Trumps and then he got the mumps

and died being treated at Mt. Sinal

And my best friend Bill died from a poison pill

some wired doctor prescribed for stress

My arms and legs are shrunk the food all has lumps

They discovered some animal no one's ever seen

It was an inside trader eating a rubber tire

after running over Rudy Giuliani

They say the President's dead but no one can find his head

It's been missing now for weeks

But no one noticed it he had seemed so fit

and I'm Sick of it

I'm Sick of You, I'm so Sick of You, bye, bye, bye

bye, bye, bye


PTCruiser said...

I was at someone's blog (my apologies, I don't remember who's) reading comments and drowning in envy at things being said by someone in Spain that we, here, in this country can't say because "freedom of speech" comes at a cost few Americans can afford to pay anymore."

I believe that was over at my hangout, Dada. She sounded pissed, and I don't blame her. I thanked her for her comment. There's plenty for everyone to be pissed about.

D.K. Raed said...

I love that Lou Reed song! I used to listen to that "New York" cassette in my car (remember cassettes?)... (in a few more years, I may be saying remember cars?) There were a lot of other good songs on it ... like There is No Time (which ends with This is no time for Political Speech, This is a Time for Action) and The Last Great American Whale.

Yes, you're right, dada. Xmas is over. Time to get on & down with the ugly business of life in theseunitedstates. And I had been so hoping for few more days of niceness. Just a few days without feeling my skin crawl when his highness ape-walks out to the podium.

To show you just how over xmas is, tonight while consuming the La Romantique dinner at Le Soiree, EK can't seem to resist railing on about the pathetic pipsqueak at 1600 pennsylvania. So I say, well pretend I'm him sitting here across from you, you have 1-minute of my total attn, what would you say to me? Without a moment's hesitation, he says, I wouldn't say anything, I'd use my minute to ram this knife into his f**king neck! Noticing how tightly he gripped the knife, I do think you're correct that the xmas spirit has left the building. ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

I watched him stepping down the steps of the plane, going to Crawford for another "working vacation" and I cringed, realizing that at this point we are conditioned- EVERYTIME he has a "working vacation" something godawful either happens or is Planned ( ahem : IRAQ- AUG 2002).....I also swear that he had a Bullet proof vest on while he got off the plane- so let me get this straight- is he that paranoid...yeah, I bet he is...He is a lying sack of shit, and now that DEMS have been elected...we need to make sure they find their balls, cause he is still a HUGE problem that we can not fight alone.

So then I find out that Ford died, my first thought was GOOD...he won't get to sit down and booze it up or cause big problems- for a few days anyway....

Don't worry dada...as PT said, there 's plenty for everyone to be pissed about... I do thank you for the Lou fix...needed that......( I too spent about an hour over at YouTube trying to find that song for you..)

dada said...

Yes, thank you PT. It was your blog I read the Spanish lady's outrage. To hear exactly what she said, anyone can go to PT Cruiser's and read the nine words (among thousands that we, here in America, can't combine even in jest w/o risk of extreme rendition) that Eve in Barcelona said. (It's under "USA is STILL #1!)

dada said...

deke: You may want to reconsider your comment here. I wouldn't blame you if you decided to delete it; to protect EK's future.

But, hope you don't mind, in that such a nice sounding repast as you and EK were enjoying, it's probably advisable to stay away from such dangerous conversation. (It's not good for the digestion...nor the ambience.)

But thank you for sharing that excellent example of how drastically Bush the Impaler impedes even the most romantic of American interludes. Motherfuckingchickenshitfartboyassholeadolescent!
America is doomed, as it well deserves to be.

dada said...

enigma: Of course Bush wears a BP vest. The question is: Does he wear it to bed as well? No doubt he reads comments like those made over on PT Cruisers from Eve in Spain. (grin)

I appreciate your YouTube research for the Lou Reed song. It just seemed to fit my mood so perfectly.

azgoddess said...

love lou reed!! thanks for sharing!

i'll see ya next year...hugs and hears hoping you got almost everything you wanted this year!!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...


You are right, I never thought of that but when Bush has a working vacation, shit does hit the fan.


I know that he is thinking of bombing Iran. I know it in my heart. I just hope he doesn't blow us up to bitch slap the American people with going along with this godawful plan.

enigma4ever said...

No He doesn't wear it to bed- it woud be soaked in pee....

dada said...

pursey: I fear Iran is toast. "We don't let public opinion influence our foreign policy!" are the words that could end US up in the crumb tray UNDER the toaster.

And thanks for clarifying, Enigma. Of course he wouldn't wear his BP vest to bed at night. Getting it repeatedly wet would cause it to rust, leaving a nasty stain on himself, just like the nasty stains he leaves all around the Earth.

And for his sake, I wish he'd play down Sadam's execution instead of flaunt it. Just in case Bush and his cronies who supplied Sadam with WMD are one day brought to similar justice.

I mean, Sadam's getting hung for killing 100 and some Iraqis. What will that get Bush for killing 650,000 +?

Ooooh, banish the thought. No wonder he wets the bed at night!

(Welcome back AZ. Happy New Year 2u2!)