Monday, December 18, 2006

But who's laughing?

What others are saying:

Gore Vidal "We’ve had enough of you. Go home to Crawford."

Dick Reed: "IMPEACH this criminal. He is not our president."
(No, I have no idea who Dick Reed is.)

Ramsey Clark "Has he assumed the power to wage aggressive war by himself? Is that an impeachable offense? Has he threatened to use nuclear weapons? Is that an impeachable offense? Then let's impeach him."

Meldonna" at Baja Canada, Seattle: "Impeach Cheney. Impeach Bush. Then remove both from office. It is the only way the war in Iraq ends."

Enigma (at Watergate Summer): "Impeach and Imprison....
and End the Occupation."

Country Joe (formerly with Fish): "Chicken Hawk, draft dodgin' son of a bitch!"

Nancy Pelosi "Impeachment is off the table."
I'm appalled at the impeachment stand down being ordered by democratic leadership. We impeach a president for lying about an affair, but not for lying 652,948 people to their deaths?

I've heard numerous excuses from the left why they cannot impeach: It would be too divisive, i.e., "We're not like republicans"; History has shown the impeachee gains in public popularity/support; "We don't have the numbers in the senate to be successful"; etc.; etc. etc.

Bullshit! Over 650,000 people lie wrongfully dead at the bloody hands of war criminals and we're going to sit idle and allow it? One spilt semen stained blue dress warrants more outrage and justice than the spilt red blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Americans? WTF?

We're either a nation of laws applied consistently at all times or we're just another failed nation. The rubble heap of history is full of such failed states. And God doesn't give a good goddamn we're "saving" our world in his name.


enigma4ever said...

Thanks for the shoutout- and for the great roundup...Impeachment off the Table for the War Criminals ??? WTF????

I think not...

The media is busy humping the Missing Climbers..god forbid they should Hump the War Criminals and the friggin' mess they have made...

enigma4ever said...

Okay grumpy enigma should apologize to direspect to families of Missing Climbers...but

D.K. Raed said...

Bloody right, it's bullshit! The house needs to begin hearings documenting the impeachable offences ASAP. The Senate may not have the 67 votes to actually impeach, but it needs to be laid at their doorstep. Tie up this criminal regime so they can't move in any direction but back to their dark lairs.

And WHAT is this complete crap about another 30K troops? Watching Harry Reid yesterday was like swallowing thorns. Whatever we've failed to accomplish in 3-yrs won't be accomplished by more troops.

Yes, too true, are we a nation of laws or lies? ~~ D.K.

ps, you sure know how to wreck a holiday mood, dada. And I gotta go deal with my rabid repub bro tomorrow. make nice-nice for the fam. wonder if there's enough eggnog to drown out his insanity or if I should bring ear plugs.

karena said...


I call bullshit on Fancy Pantsy Nancy and Harry the Mr. 350 Pushups a Day but Not Enough Stamina to Impeach Reid.

Gag a maggot, these two just need to pack up their ball and bats and go home.

I didn't slave away for god knows how long getting the word out for these fockers and we didn't overcome Diebold shenanigans to have these two ladder climbers play patty cake with the Idiot in Chief. Jeesh. See why I had to take a break from blogging, I could eat glass and chew nails.

Thanks for pointing out how many people these S.O.Bs have killed just to have Mr. America Reid say, "Okie dokie, I can send more troops, if it's just for a surge. Just give me a little surge, all I ask for is a surge........"

dada said...

enigma: Ain't it the truth? The media are always humping something in hopes of keeping us distracted from Truth, and the consequences from its abuse.

dada said...

deke: Sorry, didn't mean to dowse your holiday spirit. BTW, how'd it go with bro? Hopefully well. Maybe you managed to override politics in favor of family?

dada said...

karena, I keep thinking, "If we were a Third World country, we'd have had a military coup by now."

But seeing as how we ARE becoming one and it's just new to us, maybe that's still in the cards, especially since our broken military is being further smashed up by our chickenshithawk leaders playing with their tin soldiers, huh?

Any generals out there with strong political aspirations? (grin)

dada said...

NOTE: previous comment was tongue-in-cheek. Made in the passion of knowing that frickin' democracy doesn't work in this country, i.e., elected officials don't give a fuck for what the public wants. Elected officials can't read the tea leaves of Nov. elections.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Did you notice that Mr. Reid is changing his tune today? What a freak. That guy really rubs me the wrong way. I would rather spend time with D.K. Raed's rabid brother-in-law, he'd probably make more sense.

I thought that Fiji staged a lovely military coup. They listened to the people who were much distraught because the coup plans would interfere with the annual Military vs. Police football game, and promised not to overthrow the government until after the big game day. How nice is that?

I sure hope our military promises not to overthrow our government until after the Orange Bowl.

D.K. Raed said...

Pursey, sadly no, you would NOT want to spend time with my brother. He is actually insane ... whereas Harry Reid is only acting insanely ... at least that's my impression.

Re: the Fijiian coup (about which I know nothing, but when has that ever prevented my commenting) ... I thought these coup things always took place very secretly, in the dead of night, surprise being a key element in their success. How did the population of Fiji manage to know all about it in advance? They sound like a very well informed group. I sure wish we had that much information in our country. Many of us (Ok, perhaps just me) don't even know when the Orange Bowl is! ~~ D.K.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...


I cannot tell you how the people of Fiji knew in advance but here is a link from a paper in New Zealand. I cannot recall where I first read the story.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

DK Raed,

I think I screwed up that link thingie but anyway, the Fijians really were polite to stage a coup around a national event.

Oh, it was the Bro, not the bro-in-law. That makes it even worse knowing that it is your blood bro and not some marriage mistake by your sister or your wife's bro or something. Ick.

I could give two wits about the Orange Bowl, but hubby is a graduate of Wake Forest and they made it to the Orange Bowl and he is extremely pleased. All of his fraternity brothers are pleased, but he says they never cared in college because they were high all the time and then right afterward he graduated he was drafted. At any rate, he is quite thrilled and the big event is in the evening on January 2nd. I know that little fact because he is grumbling about having to drive me to the airport bright and early on January 3rd and is already predicting a hangover.

dada said...

pursey: Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day. No, I've been distracted enough to have missed senator Reid's "mellowing" on sending more Americans to their premature deaths in Iraq, but I found your Fiji coup timing promises first rate gems. Obviously, Fijians, Fidgetians or whatever, are more civilized than we Americans. They know how to have their foosball and coups too!

dada said...

The Revolution (aka "The Kodak Coup") WILL BE televised. It will follow immediately after the FedEx Orange Bowl.