Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bush press conference synopsis, 12/20/06

From president Bush's press conference Wednesday:

"Victory in Iraq is achievable," he said. "It hadn't happened nearly as quickly as I hoped it would have." ... (Oh, like commander-in-chief Bush proclaimed May 1, 2003 on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in his "Mission Accomplished" photo-op?)

Bush also seemed to be hinting Americans should lower their Iraq expectations by further saying, "I'm not going to make predictions about what 2007 will look like in Iraq" (having failed miserably with his 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 Iraq predictions). Bush continued, "except that it's going to require difficult choices and additional sacrifices because the enemy is merciless and violent." This warning to Americans and their service men and women serving in Iraq from a president who couldn't complete his tour of duty in a champagne unit of the Texas Air National Guard dodging active military duty in Vietnam.

But there's hope the president's lucidity gene is slowly activating as evidenced by comments Wednesday when Bush said of his Iraq war, "We're not winning. We're not losing." Compared to two months ago when he said, "absolutely, we're winning." At this rate, expect by late January Bush will admit, "Hmm, you know, we're getting our asses kicked over there!"


dada said... anybody making it this far, I apologize. For what? For repeating (and repeating) the fact that our commander-in-chief telling of the sacrifices our American military men and women are going to have to make by his sending some of them to early graves is the same person who could NOT, himself, complete a cushy appointment "daddy" got him in a Texas nat'l guard unit.

I.E., our commander-in-chief sending our service members to their deaths for his delusions was a military deserter!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I have had it up to my eyeballs with the insanity of the Pretzlenet. He is completely bonkers and people around him are too afraid to say it. He is a sociopathic sum bitch and wouldn't know pain or sacrifice because so far it has never shown up on his doorstep. The crazy sum bitch is on this Chris Matthews commercial being interviewed before his installment in 2000 saying he is proud of his sacrifice during Vietnam and that the only problem with that war was that we didn't fight it to win. Proud of his service? WTF?

enigma4ever said...

oh Honey...hang in there and stop by the cafe I have been ranting and raving all day...I mean come on the Bastard told us TO GO SHOPPING...????? Anyway I think I have a total of four posts up about the Demented King....Lord have mercy... I am watching Joe Carborough- and they are ALL saying the Delusional Word- Whoa...finally even right wingers are saying the D word....and hey the stats show 12% ( aka FOOLS) still support the Commander of Delusion....

either way I went and bought 2 nd New Boots yesterday- there will be Protests baby...but hey Dada what if , what if I actually did get my Dream of a Non violent Military coup- of the Brass telling him to fuck off ????? what if?

( I would say to excuse the language but this about bloody fools and life and death- and truthfully it is so beyond fucked up)

D.K. Raed said...

oh I hope you're right Enigma, that there will be actual (vs virtual) protests! I've been sick as a dog all day & it got worse after watching bush on C-Span babbling about how he'll ask the joint chiefs to define the iraq mission. Or maybe it was more like, he's surging the troop-level (to hell with what US citizens think or want) & if joint chiefs think they need a mission, well, they can go ahead & come up with one!?!

But where's the surprise? I mean this is EXACTLY the kind of pretzel-logic (thanks Pursey for Pretzelnet!) we should expect from an AWOL string-puller who couldn't even honorably complete the easy guard service his daddy finagled for him. hell, he wouldn't even take the annual required pilot health exam, and we ALL know what that was about. To me, the real surprise is Where is The Outrage?

Arghhh! I think I'll take my fevered brain back to bed now. (grrr, I haven't had a cold for years, maybe there's someway I can blame this on my brother) ~~ D.K.

dada said...

pursey: I couldn't agree more. As I like to say of Little Georgie's privilege he was born into, it wasn't with a silver spoon in his mouth, but rather a silver fork up his ass.

He's an angry frat boy bully who's carried a chip on his shoulder all his sociopathic life and the world that continues to placate him, to validate him will end up paying more than it can afford.

Signed, "Up2MyEyeballs II"

dada said...

E4E: Looks like it's time I amble over to the 'cafe' for a cup of camaraderie.

I'm currently quite distracted with the extraction of 2 60' pine trees, both very close to the house/power lines etc. in the backyard.

Planted at a cost of $15 or so apiece in the early 80's, these behemoths are costing EXTREMELY more to uproot (in 1980's $$). A crew of five with two large dump trucks and chippers are making sawdust out front of the house as Bush makes hay where the sun don't shine.

Just this morning I had an e-mail from Code Pink saying Reid backed down. Apparently he doesnn't have the resolve of a Tom Petty, say.

Anyway, looks like I have some catching up to do when the chips are down.

dada said...

Sorry DK about your cold. Isn't that just cosmic though? You visit your sick brother and end up sick.

But you touched on a point I'd intended to include in this blog but overlooked. That after almost four freakin' years, Georgie Boy's gonna get somebody to define our Iraq mission!

I'll stop here and spare all the obscenities, but thanks for mentioning it.

karena said...

I finally had to stop worrying and get jiggy with Operation Surge and Splurge.