Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The nation that keeps on giving and giving.

The last president entitled to lifetime protection from the Secret Service after leaving office was Bill Clinton. All subsequent presidents, congress decided, would be afforded a maximum 10 years of protection.

But according to a Homeland Security budget report, in that George Bush plans to travel overseas after leaving office, much like his father and president Clinton (and Dada assumes that means travel exclusive of those nations that are signatories to international treaties and conventions that punish war crimes/criminals), the Iraq war, and continuing terrorism threat, "the president's post-presidency detail will require significantly more resources than are currently staffing former presidents," the report says.

It is increasingly assumed congress will restore lifetime secret service protection to the president. According to William Pickle, current sergeant of arms for the U.S. Senate and former 26 year veteran of the Secret Service said, "You'll see that with 9/11 and the war we're in and the memories of people going for decades, the Secret Service and Congress will have to change that and make it a lifetime (requirement) again."

It's nice that people won't forget president Bush for a long, long time. Sadly, my biggest regret at this news is that in retirement, just like while in office, Bush will continue to be our costliest president ever. One we truly couldn't afford, I imagine. But it's important we maintain the security of one who so significantly increased, globally, the danger to us all.


D.K. Raed said...

If ever a situation cried out for "earmarking" ... of our taxes: "please check this box to continue to support ex-prez bush's security". how many x's would that box receive? ~~ D.K.

azgoddess said...

love it D.K. love it

as far as most costly pres - nice observation dada....and so sadly true...