Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coming soon! - The Dogs of Dada


enigma4ever said...

Can't wait....oh boy....Lilly just licked the screen....

azgoddess said...

nice pup!! name please?

dada said...

enigma...tell Lilly, "Licks back atcha!" (grin)

az: His name WAS Luxor (previous owners)! He is now nameless, although we've tried a few but none have stuck....yet.

(Shiners [for the black eyes]nickname "Shy"...doesn't seem to work)

(Sammy - Sam. Not bad, but again, didn't stick.)

Buddy, Bubby, Nameless, & Monkey. (Today he's trying out Monkey...I fought this one, but we had a Pony so why not a monkey, and quite often, he seems like a monkey...who knows?)

One thing for sure....he's been grrreat thus far and we agree he's very intelligent.

D.K. Raed said...

hmmm dada, maybe you should do a name that pup? he's too handsome to be nameless.

I had a Sammy the Cat and a Sam the Dog (at different times) ... both were smarter than the avg bear.

hate to bring this up: but "Monkey" has a little rep prob now, what with macacca & all.

ok, here's a couple entries: "Alex" (Lexie for short) ... or "Noire" (as in film noire, B&W) ?

~~ D.K.

dada said...

DK - "Name that pup"....I'd thought of that actually, but it would be rough. I mean...w/o sampling his personality, disposition, habits, philosophy, and politics--et. al.--I've no doubt that a lot of good names may be submitted, but not fit.

Before Pony became Pony, I'd determined--before we ever met her--our next dog would be "Carole". (Mostly because it seemed like a rather unique name for a dog, and I'd known a nice Carole once a long, long time ago--grin.) But after a day or so, it was obvious "Maricopa Pomo" (her track name) was no damn "Carole". BUT....she was a Pony, a little horse, and while she may never have won a race at the Tucson track, she was a true champion, as pure of spirit and talent as any thorough horse (plus a helluva a good blog editor her last year).

Thank you for the name suggestions. ("Noire" was interesting, plus being French, gave it extra flavor.)Alex is nice too. (We have a friend named Alex whom we like a whole bunch.)

Interestingly, when on a walk to the park nearby this afternoon, "Monkey" was abandoned. Suddenly Charlie popped into mind. I like it, but poor Nameless doesn't know what to think.

enigma4ever said...

Okay I think DK is right- he needs a name- he is so damn handsome, what a fine dog....

I love Lexie-( hmm, I think Alex is a fine name...kind of biased on that ..hehe)

How about Albert ( to Honor our other favorite Al- Al Einstien)

and of course my all time for a Favorite- cause we know he sure was to end up with you ....LUCKY...

D.K. Raed said...

hope you know I was only kidding about anyone but you naming your pup. BUT ... sometimes a suggested name will fire a synapse in your brain to follow a path somewhere else & then, EUREKA!

I tried to look up French for 'black eye' but it got very strange. The slang is "coquard", but that can also mean Vain or Cocky. perhaps you can explain why the french would think a swollen punched eye is a sign of Vanity.

re: Carol ... now that could also be a male name. For me, it always conjures up Chuck Berry: "Oh Carol, don't let him steal your heart away; I'm gonna learn to dance if takes me all night & day."

oooh, if he IS a "Charlie", you & Mrs-D can be Charlie's Angels! Although if you're waiting for HIM to tell you what his name is, you'll end up with "feed-me" or "walk-me" or "scratch-my-tummy" etc.

Or you might end up resorting to what some friends of ours once did. They named their dog "EWE" after they couldn't agree on anything & the sweet girl had gotten so used to being summoned with "hey, you!" ... and no, she wasn't a sheep dog.

ps, love his droopy ears. makes him look like he's pondering something. so, Enigma may be onto something with Albert. ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

He is such a throughful looking fella....Charlie does kind of suit him, and I love what DK said about how you are Charlie's Angels- that is the truth...

Every dog or critter that wandered to us actully came to their names....Lilly found us in California- and she kept rolling in my Garden, the Lillies at the Rooming House- so we just had to name her Lilly...and she came the very first time we called her that....go figure...

( she is a tiny dainty little Barkless Basenji...a Blond Beauty...she has a coat like a golden lab...very sweet...her "boyfriend" in California was a Greyhound that would come to visit her , his name was Harvy.....)

Lilly would send much tail wagging but she is still taking a long Tryptophan Turkey nap....( cat too Xena...they both are snoring...)

D.K. Raed said...

errr, e, if I'd named my Lab for her favorite thing to roll in, she'd be "Coyote Crap".

I just noticed Nameless' tail is all blurry. Must've been wagging to beat the band for his blog debut!

Once when I was stuck for a cat-name, I spun the globe & landed on Tasmania, so Taz it was. I also like geographical place-names, especially native american ones. ~~ D.K.

dada said...

I'm enjoying this thread. Of how some of your animals came to their names, like Lilly or Tasmania--both creative.

The summer of '67 in S.F. (as in "if you're going to" there - and what a time it was there, but I digress), I watched a family of ferral kittens hatch and grow below my third story XV Corps office window at Presidio. After many weeks, with a co-worker's urging as we were walking out of work @ the end of the day, I picked up one of the kittens. I don't remember how long it took to name, but when it came to me, "Corey" was a natural fit.

But your conversation here is lengthening the list of possibilities rather than shortening it. That's fine...better to be right than end up with a Monkey, or an Obo.

Last night, in bed, with Nameless in his on the floor beside me, my wife came in and asked out of the blue, "You think DK was right about 'monkey'? Maybe she's right?" (Earlier I'd mention the "Charlie's Angels" comment and she seems to like that.)

So we'll see. With no globe to spin, I may have to find my old 3' X 4' world wall map!

DK - Thanks for singing a few bars of that oldie. (I had to do a search to discover where you got that -- that's so, like, way, waaaay before my time. (J/K!) Love C.B.'s stuff. Oooh, oooh, Nadine! Oh wait, Nameless is a (former) boy.

Don't forget "Oh Carol
I am but a fool
Darling I love you
though you treat me cruel" either!

D.K. Raed said...

well, thank my childhood pony-tailed poodle-skirted bobby-socksin' babysitter for 'Oh, Carol' and many other 50's classics! I saw yours is a Neil Sedaka, but can't recall the tune. Husband tried to sing it (his era), but it didn't sound right. Oh no, he was doing Paul Anka!

A feral kitty in The Summer of Love -- you were truly fearless, dada. So, he was "Corey" as in Army Corey?

Now please tell Mrs Dada I hated to even bring up that macaca-shit. If Nameless is a Monkey, that's all there is to it. maybe a Cheeky Monkey?

EK thought highly of "Charlie" -- says it sounded like a nice old worn-in pair of boots, or favorite old flannel shirt, the 10% of your wardrobe that you wear 90% of the time.

um, I can't think of male form of Nadine, unless it's NATE (another comfortable old name, like JAKE, they just feel cozy & warm). ok, ok, no more, I promise! ~~ D.K.

meldonna said...

Nameless? So far the pore feller is pretty "Namefull!"

My friend Stella in Arkansas years ago had a dog named Dog. Funny how she named the stray...just eventually quit saying the "the" in front of "the dog" and it stuck.

Namefull will let you know what to call him eventually...e4e liked Charlie; how 'bout Algernon? He looks like the type to appreciate flowers~~~

just a thought (hope not too creepy)

enigma4ever said...

Whelp Dada and Mrs Dada, the list is growing...I showed the picture to my son- and he added the following choices:
Ollie, Rueben , Max,Otis, Ozzie and Larry....and Alfie.( since we are on songs.)

( he wants to be a he was bound to have a glad he is only 15..he would have more)

Mel- is a big name...

Okay I have one more ...Louie...

meldonna said...

This is starting to be Dada's Doggie Daily!

enigma4ever said...

hmmm, I think we overwhelmed Mr and Mrs Dada....ooops.....

dada said...

Our first visit to the vet with Nameless was yesterday morning. We had to give 'em a name. Mrs. Dada said, "Charlie," when asked his name. It's not like giving 'em his name was writing it in stone, only on the paper tab on his folder. We could always change it, right?

So when we got home, he became "Joey" for awhile. I think we were overwhelmed with many, many great suggestions for names, because I noticed today he was Charlie again. So maybe this is about to be resolved.

BTW, the vet said he is remarkably calm for being mostly dalmation, and has a very sweet personality.

So thank you everyone for the all the great names. We'll see if Charlie will stick.

D.K. Raed said...

dada, i was just gonna pop in with a late name inspiration, but now i think i'll save it for MY next male cat or dog ... "Biloxi" (as in mississippi) ... "Bill" or "Billy" for short.

Back in the the 80's, we spent a great week starting in New Orleans, then driving around the gulf over to FL. The beach was incredible at Biloxi (which we found out contains no LOX, it's LUX, for some obscure southern reason): absolutely cleanest, whitest sand I've ever seen. maybe we were too used to so-cal beaches' seaweed, jellyfish & occasional hosp needles & dr gloves.

But the best part (for EK) was our timing in finding ourselves in Biloxi during a Miss America contest!!! Yes, for 2 days, he was treated to the leggy swimsuit lovelies from all over the world. close up & in poi-sun.

I hope Charlie, Joey or whatever, had a good vet check up! ~~ D.K.

dada said...

Deke: Charlie (later Joey, then Charlie again, and finally Sammy) had a great visit to the vet and she (the vet) remarked on his great disposition and personality. (Who knows, that may be a standard line for every new dog? But, nay, we've known this vet seven years and is one of the few we would trust a son or daughter to .. oh, wait, we already have, haven't we?)

Thanks for "Biloxi". I think there's a lucky dog just down the road a bit who'll one day wear that nice name.

All because of a memorable week spent there. Well, this is off topic, but that reminds me two nights ago I saw the Seinfeld rerun where Kramer remarks of El Paso, "Umm, I once spent a month in El Paso one night," and then chuckles under his breath. But El Paso's no name for a dog now, is it?