Sunday, October 15, 2006

This Sunday, George Bush says, "Thank God!"

With elections around the corner, things were looking bleak. The "Mission Accomplished!" Iraqi war was lost. Afghanistan sinking fast.

Then an incredible thing happened. It was revealed Jack Abramoff hadn't been just a casual visitor to the White House that George Bush hardly knew. He had visited well over 400 times. Suddenly the wars were off the front page and George Bush said, "Thank God!"

But that wasn't good news either and, as if asking for a miracle, George Bush's prayer was answered. As revealed in a Bob Woodward book, George Tenet gave the Chevron Oil Tanker, Condoleezza Rice, dire warning of an impending terrorist attack within the U.S. more than two months before 9/11. Jack Abramoff slid off the front page and George Bush again thanked God.

But that story got worse as we learned other administration cabinet heads also got briefed by Tenet. No one was listening then, but people were reading about it now and once more George Bush prayed for a miracle. His prayers were soon answered by the breaking Mark Foley scandal/resignation. Once more George Bush was thankful his disregard of warnings of the 9/11 terrorist attacks faded from the headlines. And once more he thanked God.

But pedophilia is not among the family values embraced by republicans who hold a monopoly on such values. It's one stashed away in the broom closets of congress instead. But with growing public outrage at who knew about Foley's misadventures and when, desperate conservative talk show hosts retorted out of desperation, "At least no one died," in some oblique reference to Ted Kennedy and Chappquidick 37 years earlier.

(NOTE: Isn't it interesting when republicans want conservative's votes, they accuse democrats of being weak, morally corrupt or murderers. When they want democrat's votes, the republicans compare themselves to FDR and JFK?)

But the Foley scandal quickly became a huge liability. George Bush needed another miracle. It arrived in the form of a nuclear present from North Korea. And president Bush, yet again, thanked God.

So on this Sunday, there is much for our president to be thankful for. But one has to wonder if this is any fucking way for a nation or a world to live? From one failed policy or scandal to the next. And I wonder if God is getting pretty weary of George Bush's need for miracles? I know I am.


azgoddess said...

no fucking way for us to fucking way!

but on sunday i gave thanks - in my own simple way

i gave thanks

for my children and grandchildren...

and for my ability

to speak with them...

meldonna said...

I've spent some time talking to folks in AR and TX this week...there is reason to hope.

And a lot of people aren't impressed with the falling gas prices, either. Bush's oil buddies had too good a time last winter gloating about record profits -- and it's coming back to bite them in the ass. I think we may have a case of "give 'em enough rope".

November will be interesting, without a doubt.