Sunday, October 08, 2006

Amarante's current mood



D.K. Raed said...

Amarante (just like Lenny Bruce) delivers THE TRUTH:


(and no, that's not a volkswagon commercial, I just thought you'd like the dah-dah-dah part) ~~ D.K.

enigma4ever said...

okay so is the Dah-dah part a drum roll ?? I am so confused....

D.K. raed said...

oh no, e4e, "dah" represents the dash part of morse code, which is made up of dots and dashes (shorthanded to di [dee] and dah [daw] when spoken aloud)! The "O" part of S.O.S. is 3 dashes. My mom was kinda into that stuff. She was always trying to decipher telegraph messages in old western movies for us. Knowing the dots & dashes of S.O.S. could be very useful. And kinda musical in a monotone way, dontcha think? BTW, there's a few theories about what S.O.S. actually stands for, but think I like "save our souls" best. Anyway, that's what Amarante's flag reminded me of ~~ D.K.

dada said...

I had to adjust the color of this because the contrast between Amarante and his background made it difficult to see him.

So are you telling the movies...they would actually use real Morse code?

Yes, DK, I like the dah-dah-dah part. Thanks

Tuesday we head for the real Amarante country.

D.K. Raed said...

dada, i don't know if they used REAL morse code in old westerns, or if some idiot just clacked & clicked randomly. However, that WOULD explain my mom's difficulty in making any sense out of them! She spoke a little spanish, too & loved to find things left out of movie subtitles.

I just looked up "Dada" in morse code, what a pain, gives me new respect for those old telegraph operators. Here it is (drumroll):


reminds me of why the roman empire fell (ever tried to multiply in roman numerals?). Definitely needs to be set to music, though. hmmmm, the cadence is similar to beatles' "all you need is love" (repeat) !!!

I loved Amarante's vivid blue! Was that enhanced? ~~ D.K.

dada said...

yes DK....Amarante's a tad enhanced--he's more black actually. But wait, oh wait....tomorrow I'll post a picture I just took of our geckos. Nothing great...but sooo cute. (Having guilt pangs about leaving 'em Tuesday when we run off to Taos. That's because we leave a light on to attract small flying insects to our back bathroom window--with the temps dropping, we're not sure they'll be here when we get back. Hope so!) Tonight we have 7 on that little 2'X3' window. Have had as many as 8.

And you're absolutely right--I tried the code out myself...and it works to the Beatles "all you need is love"! Good going. How long'd that take you?

D.K. Raed said...

Hah! took a lot less time than typing the actual letters. But it's almost too easy, beatles' words can fit most any occasion.

we rarely see geckos here. did you turn the tv to GICO commercials to originally attract 'em? We used to leave a little patio light on in San Diego to attract all the nighttime cute crawling up the stucco walls (and musical, too). Here, we've seen a couple big bullfrogs near the golf course at night, always under a street light, hunting. have to look where we & the dogs step. right now, we've got a pack of chipmunks stocking up their nests in a rock retaining wall. I left them some pinenuts, better for them than the rotten big mac our neighbor's kid threw in the street. It disappeared into the rock wall before I could even get a pooper-scooper out to trash it!

i'm sure your geckos will find sustenance. If insects are hard to find in the winter, I wonder if they hibernate, or change their diet. interesting little fellows.

ps, re: Amarante ... you know how sculptors say they can see the statue inside the marble before they even strike the first blow? well, i wondered if you "saw" amarante in that old piece of plywood? black or blue, he's perfect ~~ D.K.

dada said...

dk: Glad you like Amarante (Cordova). And I liked your story of the chipmonks and bullfrogs.

But having watched part of the movie on Woody Guthrie yesterday, I especially liked your story of the neighbor kid, the rotten Big Mac in the street and how it disappeared before you could extricate it with a pooper scooper.

But you weren't really telling us a story there, were you? You were making a delightful metaphor for the state ot the nation, weren't you?

I loved it!

In that vein, I am contemplating moving Amarante out in the front yard upon our return. He'll fly the flag upright for awhile to anesthesize the neighbors. Then...
We'll see. He really needs broader exposure.

Flying the flag upside down came up with my wonderful (yet conservative) dentist. I told him I wouldn't discuss such things while he was working in my mouth. But he did impart, "That really pisses people off." I did gather the courage to say, "That's the point," wishing I'd added, "people SHOULD be pissed off!" (But I didn't, he still hadn't finihsed his exam.)