Monday, May 08, 2006

This'll never work as a freeway sign


Anonymous said...

The ghost of Abbie Hoffman MUST have shown up at your BBQ, huh? Or maybe you're channeling him now. He would've loved your sign, and probably scrawled "STEAL THIS SIGN" on the back! D.K.

dada said...

Love it! Or, or..."STEAL THIS BLOG"... You know, DK, I had this wonderful epiphany this morning as I was preparing this brief blog (which took me many, many "getting it right"s...)

See, I was working all that text into a graphic. Hence, I couldn't "link" to PT Cruiser's website with his freeway sign because the text is really a graphic, not text. That wasn't the epiphany. What follows was:

If I couldn't link OUT, reciprocally, people couldn't link IN by doing a Google, Yahoo, whatever, text search. And yes, it was at that point I realized this blog was (search engine) dead as Abbie Hoffman. It's then that I suddenly felt as bold "dead" as Abbie had been alive.

And so, while not nearly as courageous as Hoffman, it hit me that my graphic, not Googleable, enabled me to put "Alberto Gonzales" and "asshole" together in the same sentence and fly beneath the radar, so to speak.

I specifically chose to juxtapose those two here in my example because I consider that "asshole" one of the truly more dangerous men in the America.

That's because he would think nothing of wiring my juevos to an electrical socket for one of his photo ops.

Whoops, I just realized this text isn't embedded in a graphic. I wonder if it's Googleable?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lesson in "googleableness". Flying beneath the radar is a fine art. Should be taught in school. Or shouldn't have to be, should it? That is, if we still had the same kind of democracy we grew up believing in. The pre-Gonzales, et al, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence & Constitutional 3-branches-of-govt democracy that has become a crumbled version of its former glory. I'm living for November, but remembering U2's "October, when kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall". D.K.