Saturday, May 27, 2006

Surfing the web, I stubbed my toe.

One of the newer international symbols comes to us today from Impeach The Mother Fucker Already, a website where you can download a large version of this to share with friends, enemies and your government representatives. (Sorry, those last two are redundant, I know.)

If you happen over to Impeach The Mother Fucker Already, be sure to scroll down the page a bit for the latest red state, blue state map of the US.

If you base a state's color on whether it approves or disapproves of Bush's performance, the map reflects an incredibly blue nation with only three red states remaining.

I won't divulge them here, other than to give you a clue that, for geo-political expediency, they're all adjacent to one another. Sadly, however, without an outlet to the open seas of the Atlantic, Gulf, or Pacific. Hence, if these three states were to secede from the union and then try to gain access to a port, the blue state's union would have to go to war against 'em and crush these bastards. (I know, war, war, war, what is it good for?)

Of course we know this is all just wishful thinking, this 'blue state America' map, because in reality people opposed to Bush don't vote. That's because they've been expunged from the voting rolls for being black, brown, or because they have a record, or they have the same name (or initials) as a person who has a record, or they are a registered member of the opposition party, in which case a Diebold machine will vote for them.

Or, or in the case of Ohio, the voting process for the opponents of those in control is just too inconvenient in heavily opposed precincts. That's because the lines are so long it takes hours and hours just to get to one of the all too scarce Diebold voting machines. As a result, employers dock folk's pay for taking the whole freakin' day off just to vote. As a result, many decide to just "fuck democracy" and take in a movie instead, or go bowling.

But a Blue State America map is something that might make you smile for a quantum second. If not, take a second look. If it still doesn't make you smile, you're probably one of those 3 in 10 remaining who think Bush is doing a helluva fantastic job. Or, you may be living in one of those red states.

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Anonymous said...

Now dada, *I* live in one of those red states and still got a BIG smile from the blue state america map (and PET tags, too)! Now, bear with me cuz I can't be the first person to have noticed this ... I stared hard at those 3 contiguous red states trying to figure out what the shape reminds me of, what indeed. Try this ... put your left hand in front of your face with your fist sideways so that your thumb is directly in front of your eyes. Then slowly raise your middle finger & there it is, that's the shape! Those 3 states are telling the rest of america to go cheney ourselves (is it any coincidence that WY is 1 of the 3). In my case, I can only hope that since I'm a recent transplant tucked away in the furthest corner that any nearby bluishness can easily bleed over. D.K.