Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Old Po', my missing editor.

Another new day and it's off to a good start. For a few minutes anyway. It always amazes me what a good night's sleep can to do restore one's spirits. Even if just for a few minutes. How nice to briefly feel again how I used to feel all the time in the last millenium.

Seeing our dog outside on her chaise lounge in a stiff, twisted kind of rigor mortis position, however, gave me my first jolt of reality this morn. Pony, who'll celebrate her 10th birthday next month, has been having health problems recently. But she'd come through them to resume the life she's enjoyed with us the past 7 seven years since retiring from the race track.

But her most recent bout has me and my wife deeply concerned. Seems she is the chosen recipient of an occasional stabbing pain that causes her to cry out loudly and sends her flying out of the house to the farthest corner of the backyard where she stresses and pants for awhile. (Her X-rays look good.) And because she spends 98% of her time indoors, 98% of those stabbing pains occur in the house and she began to associate the two. To alleviate her pain, Pony decided three nights ago to "move out."

But yesterday I somehow got the sense as I was out working in the backyard, talking to and keeping an eye on Pony, that she was in the process of leaving us. Someone who has been an integral member of our little family unit for almost 7 years is slipping away, spending more and more time on the other side of the veil that hides the greater reality of things from us all.

So as I held my breath while sliding the patio door open before dawn to say, "Good Morning!" to old Po', she scared me by snapping immediately to attention. She'd made it through another night! Maybe the medications are helping her. But we're also concerned about canine dementia, noting yesterday she stumbled in the yard once or twice and on a rare visit inside the house, she banged her head into a chair.

So for the past week or so, there's been no editor of "Dada's Dally" as I adoringly call Pony. No, her loveseat next to the computer has been vacant and I confess to distraction. Pony's been on sick leave.

But for this morning and hopefully today at least, Pony is still with us as just minutes ago I lured her into the house for breakfast and her medications which she took before returning to the backyard.

The past few days have been cooler than normal making her "relocation" an acceptable experiment, a kind of "camping out." But with the temperatures on the rise, Pony's facing a return to her cooler old haunts later today; to the place she used to live, with a family that's been missing her very much. And I know she's probably going to hate that. I just hope the meds are working and there'll be no stabbing pains while she's back in the house.


Anonymous said...

Those eyes! what a beautiful editor & how you must be missing her presence. Oh dada, I'm hoping Pony's meds can help bring her back into the house & your lives. What rare qualities these gentle creatures who've chosen to form this unique relationship with humans have. To endure stabbing pain & decide it must be related to being in the house, thereby slipping further away from the very humans she loves! I'm sure she's missing being there with you.

Some of her symptoms (stumbling & banging her head) remind me so much of one of our previous dogs as she lost her hearing & vision. Our vet checked her hearing with a tuning fork. For vision, he threw cotton balls directly at her eyes. She never even blinked, just seemed confused as the fluffy little balls bounced off her head. So sad to see her aging badly.

You mention canine dementia which I've read has had some successful treatment with Hills Rx Diet Canine b/d and a drug called Anipryl (both avail from your vet) and supplemental Omega-3 fatty acids (like in "Missing Link" from any pet supply store).

Just thought I'd pass that along for whatever it's worth. D.K.

enigma4ever said...

She is still so gentle and heart aches for you...such a sweet creature...
Sometimes when pain overwhelms it does drive them out- I hope that isn't the case- we put out scotty on morphine when it got that bad..and it helped him get comfortable and also rest and also he was less demented and disoriented at that time....( Ft Collins Vet School in Colorado helped figure out his dose etc)...
Whatever will bring sweet Po- comfort ...

Many prayers to you and the missus and you lovely Po...

dada said...

DK & E4E: Thank you both for the kind thoughts AND suggestions. Your input is always appreciated.

Pony camped out again last night. Her chaise was moved right next to the patio door, so as I slid it open to say "Good morning!" damn if she didn't have one of those pains that sent her off to the back corner of the yard for awhile.

But I lured her inside a bit later with some chicken and she had a good breakfast before returning to her yard.

So we'll see what today brings. Po's vet is working today so we'll be speaking with and reporting Po's condition to her to see what she thinks.

(Sadly, it was ironically funny, that after her pain outside this morn, Po' didn't need to be coaxed to come inside at all. Bless her!)

Thanks again for your kind thoughts!