Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oh sweet ironies!

For those of us who love good irony, these are some of the most glorious days for it. There's not a day goes by without at least several gleaming examples.

Today's first comes from West Point's Michie Stadium where president Bush presided over the US Military Academy's 2006 graduation ceremony. And therein lies sweet irony. Because these young cadets awarded their officer's bars today, many of whom will make careers of the military, some rising to the ranks of generals thus becoming the leaders of tomorrow's army, received their diplomas from one who went AWOL from his own military duty. Not as member of an active duty wartime unit, but as a deserter from a champagne unit of the Texas Air National Guard.

Which only serves to remind us of another sweet irony. Of how a deserter of a champagne national guard unit can one day rise up and become commander-in-chief of the very military whose duty he didn't have the tenacity to complete himself, but who now has the authority to command men and women, like today's graduates, to their deaths.

America truly is the land of opportunity. And irony.


Anonymous said...

Good to know irony isn't dead as long as we have a deserter-in-chief! Caught a bit of that West Point speech ... as much as I could handle anyway. Noticed he's back to very manful flipping of the prepared speech pages. Had the distinct impression it was the first time he had ever seen the damn text & he was therefore so impressed with himself for making through another page, he just had to wrestle it over & show it who was boss. Couldn't take him much longer after he gleefully announced they are now offering an academic Minor in Terrorism. Sweet Geezus. D.K.

dada said...

Oh My God, DK....thank you for relating this to, you mean that the president revealed to all the rest of the nation that there is now a minor at West Point in "Terrorism"...
is that as in, "how to become one"
"How to be a terrorist?"

Maybe that explains a lot of what's now going on in IRAQ?

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY !!! makes you wonder what your Major would have to be to qualify for that Minor, huh? D.K.