Saturday, May 20, 2006

Long arms, narrow focus.

(My apologies. Today's blog comes sans illustration. I'll explain why below.)

Dada would like to take a moment to recognize the "Congressperson with the Longest Arms." This year's desginee is:

Thelma Drake! Yes, Republican Representative Thelma Drake is this year's recipient of the prestigious "Congressperson with the Longest Arms" award.

When president Bush, galivanting round the nation trying to outrun the stench of his administration's own stink, made the generous gesture of stopping by for a reelection fund raiser luncheon for Rep. Thelma Drake of Va., he was disappointed to discover Ms. Drake had ditched the ado.

Claiming an important military appropriations bill as her excuse for shunning His Excellency, it appears what resulted was a Bush/Drake photo-op flop. But reaching out to Bush, Drake assured him she "absolutely embraces" the president, making her this year's, hands down--thumbs up, Longest Arms award recipient.

Sadly, there's just not a camera made with a wide-angle lens wide enough to catch the two of 'em in the same frame, embracing.

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Anonymous said...

Good award! maybe Rep Drake has this year's longest arms SO FAR, but I have a feeling there will be many more long arms as we enter the campaign season. The biggest problem for these repugs is how to separate themselves from the prez'z actions while embracing his solid brain-dead base. To not do so might reduce their electability as well as incur the wrath of this known retribution-minded adm. D.K.