Monday, May 22, 2006

Clinton did it!

Okay, in my effort to begin a kinder, gentler blog in the hopes of casting my rare quality of positivity into the world from this little corner as aid to *begin the healing--feel the love*, I'm going to have to plead for another day. I need an extension.

Reason? Well, part of my morning routine when possible, is to make the rounds of a small number of blogs I enjoy. Thankfully, Bartcop's insatiable love for Hillary Clinton has allowed me to free up more time to do this.

But as I was reading several of the comments of a particularly annoying gnatty neocon on a blog I frequent, I felt compelled to jump in and respond.

You know the type, supporter of his president because "he has spine" while faulting Clinton (who only "has a boner") for all our problems. The type guy who doesn't mind being spied on if it keeps the terrorists from beneath his bed each night. Or who blames Clinton's NAFTA for all the jobs lost, while admitting it was actually Pappy Bush who signed it into law.

You know, the guy who heaps the source of all our woes on poor old Clinton, the best republican president this country's ever had. He's the type guy badly in need of being jerked into the future--to now--but who remains stuck in and blinded by the past.

Anyway, I spent most of my blogging time reading other blogs and responding to this one commenter just described. After posting my comment in retort to his, I discovered--while I'd been typing mine up--the gnatty neocon's overnight remarks had been chopped. Vanished! And in all honesty, I couldn't blame the blog's host for exercising his perogative on that tripe. I'd probably do the same.

But having vented, I was spent. So today's blog will consist of the comments I made elsewhere. This being an election year, it contains many of the elements I continually harp on here. But I keep this creeping sense they will become this election year's major issues. (And if they look familiar and sound stale, what can I say? The passions of suckers must be fed.)

If you drop by here occasionally, don't bother reading further. STOP HERE! As Madison Avenue reminds us, go nuke your kids a hot breakfast from frozen pancakes because--as hectic as our lives are--you refuse to serve your family a cold breakfast. (grin)

My response to someone called "Free Speecher": use arguing with Free Speecher. It's all Clinton's fault--as s/he tells us in one of his/her plentiful comments, he is still fixated on Clinton's 'boner'. This is a common ruse among a certain segment of the Bush reality denial delusionists. They just can't move beyond that blue stained dress.

Now Free Speecher's government has him so afraid of global terrorists, he's willing to shred his own Bill of Rights as his gift to our government's own domestic terrorism, committed in the name of *making us safer*. Hey, it works for Free Speecher.

Free Speecher is the exact archetype Hermann Goering was describing when he said, "it is always a simple matter to drag the people along...the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...all you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY." It's obvious Free Speecher's blind allegiance to the neo-fascists shows that hackneyed tactic works as well today as ever.

And Never mind that the nation has been irreparably bankrupted beyond repair by his "president with a backbone." Fuck our kids and their kids. It probably won't matter because our hubris will make the world a safer place to live, even if we have to nuke it to fuckdom come. So there may not even be a world for the grandkids.

And then there's always global warming, of course, which the revolving DC doors with the oil industry people (like Bush, Cheney, Rice) dictate to the nation is just so much liberal bullshit.

But not to worry, this election will focus on Free Speecher's *really important issues*. Already senators H. Clinton (dem.) and Bob Bennett (rep.) have introduced an anti-flag burning amendment. (Congress estimates as many as seven freakin' flags are burned in the US each year--OMG!--the outrage!!, not counting the thousands laid to rest by burning by the Boy Scouts annually, leaving one to wonder how many of those anti-American traitorous flag burning bastards were former Boy Scouts, now with an addiction to matches as avenues to protest? ~grin)

The anti-gay marriage amendment was heralded by senator Arlen Specter just last week in senate committee. (What a wonderful legacy for Specter. I'm sure he must be proud, displaying his homophobia so publicly. Seriously, this is a passionate issue supported by many of congress's homophobe constituents who live in fear of gays and lesbians having the same rights as the rest of us.) Always love it when the freedom guaranteeing Constitution has to be cropped by these gov't bastards praying on the homophobe's fears of gays marrying or patriots demonstrating because they have the audacity to question their government!

And then there's always those hot *prayer in schools* and the *ten commandments in the local courthouse* bullshit issues. Or how about sex education (that's easy, just abstain while Madison Ave. makes our younger and younger daughters look more and more mature, enticing and slutty as possible), abortion (a non-issue with everyone's wombs sewn shut or penises shielded neath petroleum based latex...leaving one to ponder how different the world could be today had Pappy Bush just worn one of those the night Georgie was conceived).

And finally, of course, we can always drag out the NRA's perrenial fear of our right to bear arms being trimmed from their Bill of Rights, exposing yet another irony of "it's okay to delete the rights of gays, flag burners, atheists, family planners, etc., but you'd better keep your fuckin' hands off MINE and my guns."

Yes, another election with the same pissant red-herring issues like family planning and flag burning, the real cornerstone questions of whether America can survive its bankruptcy (fiscal and moral) and terrorism (from without and within) while global warming kills us all. Obviously, as Free Speecher reminds, "It's all Clinton's fault."


Marco Aurélio said...


I do not know if you are knowing but Brazil is passing for very great an institucional crisis. The things are a little without control and the president of the country dissimulates that it is all good. The president seems to say another language that not it mine. I did not obtain to decipher what it wanted to say yesterday. It must be playing. He sees what it said in mine blog and sees if I do not have reason in finding that it is is of the reality.

See you to later

Marco Aurélio

Humanist said...

Great blog today. I loved your response to the Free Speecher.
This gov't just continually tries to distract us by wasting all our time and money on stupid, nonissues. Just more of the dumbing down of americans,while the u.s. self destructs. (I know it's supposed to be capitalized, but can't bring myself to do it.)

Keep up the great work and this is NOT the time to become kinder and gentler when it comes to discussing this pompous ass gov't and the catastrophic decisions they continue to make for their behalf, forgetting us lowly peons, who are only here to give them all our money.

Anonymous said...

You nailed the kind of response we would all like to make, nailed it right up there on their sanctimonious doorway & they deleted it? Wow, dada, you're like Martin Luther pointing out the errors of thinking that lead to the reformation. In his case, ignoring his points put the powers of the day in jeopardy of losing their whole moral authority. Thank you so much for sharing your reach under the rocks to probe that snake-scorpion-venemous spider infested pit. D.K.

dada said...

Marco: Gracias por parar y escribir sobre el Brasil. We are watching closely the riots. ¡Buena caja fuerte de la suerte y de la estancia!

dada said...

Thank you for the kind words, humanist. I know, I know, hell, as much as I'd like to tone it down some, that's impossible. Daily their are new outrages more outrageous than the outrages the day before.

Like the Rove indictment: What the hell's with that? Appears Justice Dept. is stepping in and "sealing" it.

But hey, let's not give 'em all of our money 'cause once it's all gone, the REALLY won't need us any longer. And then the question becomes.....ah, ahm, "Who's gonna take out the 'trash'?"