Monday, April 10, 2006

So sick, we're terminal. Choose your poison!

"The interesting thing about being the president is I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation." George W. Bush
At present, I confess: Over the weekend, Dada lost his groove. It wasn't any one thing or story in the sorry-assed-media responsible for this. Just the usual combination of things.

One example was the appearance of professor Mark Crispin Miller on C-Span's Book TV speaking to an audience on his latest book "Fooled Again". It was an excellent hour and twenty minutes, scarier-than-shit presentation highlighting a number of horrific manifestations of the Bush administration's policies that ultimately threaten life on Earth as we've known it.

To Miller's credit, as with so many others whose dark view of our present reality takes an optimistic turn at the very end, he allows for a different outcome than the one he just spent an hour and a quarter warning us about. "It doesn't have to turn out like this," he imparts as encouragement from the apocalyptic visions he has just painted. "There are things we can do to stop this insanity," is offered us as a bromide, a kind of indemnity to inoculate the audience from going home afterwards and committing mass suicide.

Don't get me wrong. I was extremely impressed by Miller's presentation and basically in total agreement with it. But maybe it's my less than optimistic outlook for the future that would just once like to hear a doomsayer conclude with something like, "Gentle audience, it's no use! When I'm done here, you might as well go home and commit mass suicide!"

So, what exactly did Miller so depress me with that in no small way contributed to the loss of my groove? Well, in brief, a couple of highlights from his talk are worthy of mention here, the first being his validation of my suspected "stolen 2004 election" conclusion:

- in former Soviet bloc countries, exit polls of voters are used as evidence to validate an election's outcome, whereas in the United States they are disregarded and ignored. In the future, they will not even be taken in the U.S. because, since the 2000 election they suddenly turned unreliable as indicators of an election's validity (except for other nation's where they are still held as evidence of an honest election).

- In the U.S. we use voting machines manufactured by three major companies with historical ties to conservative causes and they are accepted unquestioningly despite no paper trail validation, back-up or open code inspectability of their software programming. But those same machines (by U.S. manufacturer Sequoia) when purchased by Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, are used, conservatives refuse to participate in the election!

- preventing election fraud in the upcoming 2006 congressional elections is too late. Much of the unknown outcome is already known by the people who "count the votes". The '08 presidential election is in danger of also being lost if our asses continue to move at the same pace as they have since the '04 election. (And let's face it, the benefactors of such frauds aren't inclined to do much about it.)

A few of the other points Mark Crispin Miller made were:

- the nation is under extreme threat of terrorism. Not from without as much as from within. They are called by Miller, "Christo-fascists". They are apocalyptic, they are suicidal with a mideval sensibility bent on cancelling the ideals of the Enlightenment and bringing on the 'last clash', i.e., Armageddon.

- to these Taliban-like extremists, the tenets of our former government--equal rights, separation of church and state and a government of checks and balances--scare the shit out of these Christo-fascists.

I remember being chided by a friend, post-'04 election outcomes, as over reacting at the results by suggesting massive voter fraud. It was obvious, my friend assured me, the election reflected the rising tide of religious extremism. While their rising tide may be true thanks to the ongoing fear campaign of the Bush administration, they don't carry the weight, nor numbers, to decide elections. What they do carry is the audacity to steal them however. And when you have the audaciousness, you don't need the numbers.

And so it went this weekend. The usual depressing stuff. But Mark Crispin Miller's dissertation wasn't the only factor in me losing my groove. It was a combination of the usual "news" acting as catalyst for my reaction. Little things like the unfolding story of New Orleans, of little white girl high schoolers getting prom dresses donated from other parts of the country. To air this story, citizen Harry Taylor's confrontation with Bush and the ramifications of Bush's omnipotent security policies and their impact upon ordinary Americans had to be edited. (I know, I later saw the full version.)

And there was the unfolding Bush-Plame story with clips of Bush's assurances a couple years earlier that whoever leaked Plame's identity had no place in his administration to last week's revelation the president, himself!, authorized the leak.

There was the humorous report by New Mexico's senator Jeff Bingaman back from his most recent trip to Iraq where he reported during his previous visit two years ago, they were driven around the country in SUV's. Now under the "improving conditions" in that country Bush likes to cite, such travel is no longer possible, reports Bingaman. If you want to see the country, the only "safe way" is by helicopter he reports.

And of course, the preparations to bomb/invade (?) Iran are on the table as our president denies such schemes by adamantly reassuring us such reports by Seymour Hirsh are outright lies.

"Diplomacy" is always Bush's first (and preferred) tack he tries to persuade us while familiar, hackneyed, Iraq-like justifications for an assault on Iran are being spoon-fed the American public again. (Actually, "force-fed" would be more accurate.)

But this time there's a new twist. Use of nuclear weapons beyond what we've seen in Iraq are being considered! But concern not yourselves, oh citizens, with families, their posterities and the futures you may wish for them. Their fate is not in your hands. However, if you are a Christo-fascist, you may wish to orgasmically rejoice, dance around drooling as you prepare for the rapture with your creator by packing your bibles in your bags. (Make sure they have name tags to insure proper credit in case they get lost.)

"The real evil doers are deep inside the people looking for the evil doers" Mark Crispin Miller tells us. And as Bush confides to us, "The interesting thing about being the president is I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation." While one hints at a deeply disturbed psychotic individual, the other, the deeply disturbed psychotic individual--in his own words--openly confirms that diagnosis.

Unfortunately, for the majority of us, there appears nothing we can do but brace ourselves for the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Unless, of course, you're a Christo-fascist, in which case you're slobbering over the prospects of your future in anticipation of shaking hands with Jesus.

Hopefully, I'll soon regain my groove but if not, future blogs may be instruction on how to fly a kite. Or decipher a TV Guide. Or thumb twiddling, or on sewing our fuckin' eyes and ears shut.


Anonymous said...

wow, dada, did you perhaps confuse Damitol for your normal Flipitor meds? MC Miller was wonderfully eloquent, but yes maybe didn’t want to inspire mass suicide. We all know we need paper ballots & people to count them that care about accuracy. As a country, we need to reject those pre-election tactics designed to disenfranchise valid votes. Like the luddites, what if we all brought axes into the voting booth & smashed those machines? And can poll-taking really be stopped?

But how to get through to those 35% hardcore bushasswipers? To paraphrase Malcom X: Oh, ya been had! Ya been bamboozled! Ya been rattled & rudely awakened to the theft of your birthright! Your posterity been shed on bloody foreign sands! “Election Results” can be rearranged to spell “Lies-Let’s Recount”.

Remember how Stella got her groove back … by going on a Jamaican holiday. Now I don’t recommend her exact activities there, but do see the value of stepping outside your own country’s shell. And if Armegeddon comes, at least you’d be among friendlies who have never lost their groove. Besides, those rastafarians will have one hell of an apocalyptic party! D.K.

dada said...

Hi D.K. You know, I didn't think about it til you mentioned it. Maybe it WAS a medication mix-up! Ya think? Well, we'll see which Dada shows up for the next blog entry.

"And can poll-taking really be stopped?" No, s'pose not, just the networks who've decided to stop doing that because it brings up reality conflicts that should be investigated and that's, obviously, too much bother to get involved with.

Easier to just get your news from White House. They'll tell you what to print.

enigma4ever said...

Great post....I have written Butterick for those Special Sewing kits....eyes & ears ? ....oh, good that means I can still scream bloody murder at the friggin idiots on my TV sets....

( DK, news from the WH??? oh, gee I thought it was FOX...)

some_maineiac said...

eeeeek...dada, it's tough to see a good man like you lose heart over the current state of civilization...hang in there, bud,

spirit is one thing that no one destroys
- Traffic, The Low Spark of High-heeled Boys

I'll be waving to you as I fly over Texas about 7PM your time Saturday night...even though I enjoy your blogging and the capsule reviews of what you're watching, perhaps a vacation from it all is in order? load up on heinous chemicals, if you wish, and take off into the desert for a while???

DK, another amazing, hit-the-nail-on-the-head quote...keep 'em coming!

and I kinda like the idea of preparing for a tax revolt or a vote-machine smashing should the congressional '06 elections turn out badly...I can find an ax, but how does an ordinary cubicle-dweller keep the government from taking their cut from every paycheck???

Anonymous said...

e4e, you're out & about! Does anyone still sew? And you remembered Buttericks? My sewing mach has been gathering dust the closet for decades. I used to buy McCall's patterns (buttericks took more skill) & sew my high school clothes. Could make things that actually fit my twig-frame & shorten the skirt as much as allowed. We had a dress code of 3" above-knee limit (which I was constantly being hauled into adm for violating), raised to 6" in my senior year (yeaaaah!). D.K.

Anonymous said...

it would be illegal, maineiac, and would involve filing a new W-4 with many more exemptions than you're entitled to & throwing away the W-2 each year. They would still deduct FICA & medicare, though. Or there's the so-called underground economy, going off the grid, constantly moving & not filing a change of address, cut up the credit cards, etc. Realistically, though, no way out short of tax revolt by masses of ordinary citizens. Boston Tea-Party anyone? D.K.

dada said...

E4E!!! Good to see you. Listen, in that last angry sentence...the one about sewing our eyes and ears shut, I thought of you. And that's why I decided to leave our mouths unobstructed. Otherwise, many good charities would go begging for lack of those foul jar contributions.

What a nice surprise, seeing you'd been here.

dada said...

Maineiac: Wow, so it's that time already, huh? Great! I was gonna tell you I'd be on the roof waving as you fly over, but at 30,000+ feet, I might be difficult to see. Besides, it's air conditioner start-up time and about 50% of the little roofs in El Paso on Saturday will have teenie guys up on 'em working on their weenie coolers.

I like your idea of maybe getting out of town for a bit. Maybe we'll take the new car out and check its mileage one of these days.

But I'm seriously happy when a friend is doing time off. So hope it's a great stay in AZ. Look forward to hearing about it when you return.

enigma4ever said...

Dada..thank you so much for allowing me to still heave money at the Foul language jar...and so nice that such language reminds you of me...yes it is true I am linquistically gifted ( ahem cough cough...)and yes I am about a little bit- I was getting on Sol's nerves- he said I was "neglecting " the Blog....( he is feisty - hmm, maybe he feels better- that dang nurse)...DK: after Dada 's comments about the sewing I pictured you and I shopping for those Damn Butterick Patterns ( I am not a great seamtress- I just like Driving the Machine really fast)...Maine friend- off you go to the Land of sand, sun and tumbleweed, have a good time...take a break from this lack of sanity but Mecca of Soul...we'll miss you , but be here awaiting your return...

some_maineiac said...

well, thanks for the "bon voyages", my friends...both my sister and I are anticipating some form of spiritual cleansing while on the last remaining land that the Havasupai can call their sister has also hinted at some dark issues regarding our aged parents that need frank, face-to-face discussion...

dada said...

maineiac: Sorry to hear about this aging parent part of the trip. These are always difficult eventually confront. Good luck with that.

Do you enjoy some Havasupai heritage mixed with that French background? That'd be an interesting combination.

If only we could get some spiritual cleansing in DC, huh? Now that's where it's REALLY needed.

dada said...

e4e: Welcome back. Looking forward to your return. Hopefully Sol regaining his spunk is a sign he's feeling better.

Funny, an image of you and DK just flashed across my mind. Of the two of you out buying Butterick patterns to make skirts for our administration. (Save for the oil tanker, you could make her some pants.)

But I was imagining Bush, Big Dick and Rummy all wearing your skirts. Of course, DK and you might end up squabbling how short to make 'em. DK wanting to shorten 'em to reveal their huge TAY-TOS-TER-RON-KNEES, but please, pleeeeeze, spare us DK, we really don't need to see 'em to know they're huge. We're all suffering under the weight of 'em already enuff, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

mainiac, ditto all dada's comments about your trip & those necessary conversations about aging parents. Those topics do have to be faced eventually, with care & honor & love, if possible.

And dada, I love the North Rim of Grand Cyn! The dogs have hampered us in recent yrs, but a couple yrs ago all us manimals did a little rim hiking, looking down in amazement. WHAT do you suppose the dogs actually thought? There were lots of chipmonks tempting them! (we kept them under tight leash control)

And while I love the idea of Men-in-Kilts (!!!), the very thought of those you mention, especially exposing their extended "sacos de testosterone-knees" (ugh), is enough to make me lay the old dusty sewing machine on a bonfire of sanity. D.K.