Sunday, April 30, 2006

Odds and Ends

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Well, I'd love to be in Taos, New Mexico this afternoon. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld maintains a residence there and those irascible Taosenos are up to their old tricks once more. Yep, their picking on poor Rummy again today.

When we last visited Taos a year ago this month, there was a banner draped over the main highway through town that read in part, "Fire Rumsfeld." Well today at 3:00 this afternoon, they are planning a citizen's arrest of Rumsfeld at his home! Sentencing will follow two hours later on the Taos Plaza, as guests speakers John Nichols and Phyllis Bennis add to the happy occasion of Rummy's public "lynching".


Thanks to "anonymous" for the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner tip which aired on C-Span last night. The last 30 minutes or so which featured guest speaker Stephen Colbert lambasted just about everyone deserving of it and it was interesting to contrast the audience's reaction to him versus the first part of the dinner which was polite, jovial and mostly phony, i.e., here was a group of politicians, press, and celebrities with serious undercurrents and varying degrees of hatred for one another all breaking bread together. (First, Dada's always amazed that these gatherings take place at all and, secondly, that a massive no-holds-barred food fight doesn't break out.)

But the audience's reaction to Colbert was obviously stiff and braced when compared to their earlier selves. It reairs on C-Span today at 12:25 Eastern and for those of you who missed it on TV, you can catch about 15 minutes of Colbert over at Crooks and Liars.


Finally, I'd like to pass along that it was reported on Truthout yesterday that "Iran agreed to allow IAEA inspectors to 'verify' that no 'source or special nuclear materials' are being used in furtherance of a nuclear weapons program" and that the International Atomic Energy Agency has no evidence Iran is pursuing atomic energy for military purposes.

This is great news as it would appear things are proceeding nicely for the Bush administration to "green light" a nuclear attack on Iran whenever it damn pleases.


Anonymous said...

You catch Colbert on 60-minutes Sunday? Obviously filmed before his fantastic truth-out in DC. Says he used Stone Phillips & Bill O'Reilly for his models. Lots of people don't "get" him, think he's a for-real right-loon. During his dressing down of bush&co at the correspondent's dinner, we kept wondering when his mike would stop working. I thought the preview segment of prior presidential roasts was provocatively timed to end with Bill Clinton's speech early in his adm where he stressed the importance of a free press & warned against a powerful executive abusing the constitution! Then it went straight into this year's event & there Bush sat, his slimey record exposed for all to see. Disappointing to see today's news coverage concentrating on the creepy bush clone comic relief.

And PLEASE let us know how the Taos rummie arrest & lynching went? If they make things too uncomfortable for himn, maybe we could pick up his residence there at a bargain! D.K.

dada said...

D.K. Yes, I caught that, but it looked vaguely familiar--I think it was a rerun.

But if yesterday's news on the major nets I saw isn't a gleaming example of corporate media's corruption and control of information than let me get my "blankie" and join Rip Van Winkle and the Slumbering Citizenry.

While the 'main attraction', Stephen Colbert, at the media dinner Saturday didn't exactly kick Bush's ass, he sure as hell spanked it publicly. But strangely, that didn't play in the corporate controlled media, did it?

Instead, we were "treated"--over and over--to Bush's act of humbling, bumbling hilarity with his double. What a good sport that Bush is! What a hoot, as the audience laughed their asses off at their chief pschopath, the one with his finger on the nukulure button.

But they didn't think Colbert near so funny. That's because his comedy spoke truth to power as Bush had to sit there and choke on it. But not to worry, we'll ALL be biting Bush's bullet soon enough.