Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Notes on the day

The days that I blog, I like to put up something earlier rather than later. Didn't make it today. Not for lack of material, but too much. So rather than go with anything in particular, I'll just focus on a couple impressions from the media today.

First of all, I'd just like to comment on Bush's unwavering support of Don Rumsfeld. For the very first time in the history of the nation, six or seven retired generals have called for the resignation of the Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld poohed poohed that saying, "If the Defense Secretary resigned everytime two or three generals disagreed with him, blah, blah, blah". Well, Rummy makes it sound like there's always a couple generals asking for his head, however, history proves this to not be the case and what we are witnessing is unprecedented..

And Bush's adamant endorsement of Rumsfeld despite the fact Bush "hears us" but chooses to ignore us is probably an indication of who's really running the the country--Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Of course, there's the other possibility which seems to be growing legs as well--the "I" word. Not talking impeachment here but "I" as in insane, as in Bush is flippin' nuts. Two of the three guests on a Lou Dobbs panel today were tossing that very idea around.

If you think about it, it's kinda crazy. I mean, to drive a car, you have to pass a test. But to hold your finger on the trigger of the future of civilization and mankind, no test required. No test of one's mental stability necessary. And that's some scary shit.

However, on the Keith Olberman show this evening, a political analyst talking about the fall elections reinforced the notion corporate america and the bush administration would love us all to accept, embrace and take home to sleep with the next three years. Regarding issues for congress, the war is not one of them! according to the analyst. The war is in Bush's hands. (Jesus, and we were just talking about Bush being nuts!) Just accept it. It's up to Bush, Iran is next, is what we're told and the media seems to agree. There's not a goddamned thing you can do about it. As Bush has told us, "sometimes you just have to do what know is best for the country." Screw the majority.

The price of oil is at all time highs. "Of course I'm concerned for the price of gas," Bush reassures us. This is remarkable in itself, coming from someone who hasn't filled his own gas tank in at least 10 years.

And Steve Forbes, icon of american business, assures us all energy prices will decline steeply once we bomb Iran, implying pre-Iran-war oil price jitters are the result of a bunch of apocalyptic nervous Nellies. Maybe that explains why the day the price of oil sets a new record, the stock market is up nearly 200 points. Somehow I'm not reassured by Forbes. Looks more like a reality disconnect to me.


Anonymous said...

well, in an armegeddon sense, Steve Forbes may have hit on something, dada. A Post-WWIII sticks'n'stones society (which nuking Iran may usher in) won't be needing much oil, therefore energy prices will certainly decline. Simple supply & demand.

Sadly, you are too right, too much material today, but glad you pointed out what we're seeing is unprecedented. For me, seeing Bush say "I'm the decider, I get to decide" was my true OMG Brigadoon moment today! D.K.

Nina said...

Hey! Do we see a pattern here? Death cures disease; nuclear bombs cure oil prices! Bush is clearing up world problems left and right lately.

dada said...

Oh geezuz krised! Bush and Rumsfeld are delusional, and now we're hearing the best source to get a grasp on Cheney's loose grip on reality is Colin Powell. Of course, there's the rumors of Jeff Gannon, the gay prostitute who accessed the WH over 100 times...someone up there "likes me" (with liberals dying to pin it on Scott McClellan who, coincidentally is 'resigning to spend more time with family while the new Bolten guy who's shaking everything up 'collects photos of "BUSH'S HANDS"--OMG--WTF's going on?) Clinton woulda made seven appearances before a firing squad and six beneath a guillotine already but under Bush it's just business as usual as we prepare to nuke Iran while he assures us in Iraq, "Defeat is not an option!" yet not one member of the press has the goddamned balls to ask him, "Then why to we stay there continuing, day in and day out to suffer these horrible defeats?").........

Huff, puff, huff, puff, huff, puff, sorry.....need to catch my manic breath....."How soon's the asylum field trip to watch the Nevada nukular test?"

dada said...


Oh thanks a lot. Just confirm to me I'm living in an asylum with a whole freakin' nation gone insane. (Very astute observation, BTW, extremely disturbing, but astute.)

Anonymous said...

jeez, dada no wonder you sound upset. "Yosh" Bolten sounds completely wacko! To check him out, I went to

slide down about 3/4 pg to "Bolten may be polite, but" ... he keeps a copy of the children's book "Walter, the Farting Dog" on his office coffee table (this must be GWB's reading level, hey we've finally found what he DOES read)! His collection of Bush photos focus exclusively on Bush's hands at key moments (like when he asks someone to pull his finger?)! Not a single photo of Bush's face can be found (OK, I'm with him there)! Obsessed with motorcycles, his biker name is "Bad Mitzvah" (which my jewish husband says could mean "evil omen" or "wet luck"). He conceived the 2000 Bush Campaign "Bikers for Bush" (OMG, we've found the real Jeff Gannon connection)! OK, who's huffing now? How does Bush ferret out these guys? D.K.

dada said...

Oh DK....That did it. Thanks (I think) I'm shutting down for the day. Your link was the last straw.

Was I impressed by all the praise of members of the WH staff? Well, "No," when we remember they're obviously all a bunch of psychopaths.

HE KEEPS A COPY OF "Walter, the Farting Dog" on his coffee table (probably for those times when Bush drops by his office...to keep our president amused) and takes pictures of Bush's hands and hangs 'em around the white house. OMG.....I'm gonna be really sick.

Nina said...

He's soft-spoken but very clear thinking," said Karl Rove, Bush's chief political adviser. "I love him in an entirely appropriate way. He's a wonderful person. He's professionally and personally one of the best people I've ever worked with."

Had to leave this quote about Bolten. Of course, Karl had to put the "in an entireley appropriate way" in there. I got a huge kick out of reading that little conservative, republican tidbit. Can someone smell a rat?

dada said...

Thank you for sharing the words of a psychopath, Nina. Yes, something smells, I just hate to demean rats.