Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Hammer gets nailed!

Well, if this isn't a sad day for Texas. We've lost our strongest leader in the U.S. congress. Rep. Tom DeLay, majority leader in the House, aka "The Hammer". The Hammer is quitting and he swears the timing of his announcement has nothing to do with two of his former aides--the latest being Tony Rudy, DeLay's former deputy chief of staff--pleading guilty to charges against them and cooperating with prosecutors. DeLay's decision at this particular time is just coincidence, he assures us.

I haven't read much about it. DeLay is a great depository of my hatred for what's wrong with republicans and, since they now control the country, what's wrong with the nation. It's become totally corrupted.

But in opting to leave congress, I find it odd that if the downfall, one-by-one, of his aides, his associates has nothing to do with his resignation from office, why DeLay doesn't at least have the juevos to finish out his freakin' term like he was elected to do?

The reason given is, he faces a tough challenge for his seat in the upcoming November election in his democratic opponent, Nick Lampson. Dada finds this odd. If every member of congress who faced a tough reelection challenger, just resigned rather than complete the term they were elected to do by and for their constituents, it's conceivable there would be mass resignations of representatives whose backs are now against the wall of bad odds.

Maybe this isn't really DeLay's reason for his quick exit. Maybe it's because he's just a quitter. Or, more likely, he's simply politically and morally corrupt.

One of DeLay's lawyers said that DeLay was "bitterly disappointed" that a trusted advisor has turned out to be corrupt and expressed optimism he will be vindicated. (Does DeLay realize what "pleading guilty" to charges against you implies? Like maybe wrong doing? Like maybe guilt??!!)

And while DeLay packs his bags and prepares to get the hell out of town, he continues to assure all of us:

"The Abramoff investigation has nothing to do with me," he said. "I've never broken a law, nor the spirit of the law."

"This is totally a political operation, using our criminal justice system for political purposes and political gain."

Well, I suppose when you get so deep in stink you can't even smell it. Not even your own.

And what's next for DeLay? Well, my wife tells me he's leaving the state of Texas for Virginia (where he'll be close to the action he so dearly has grown to love--and profit from). Why waste precious time staying in congress, finishing his job and defending his reputation as a great legislator while watching his legacy being impugned from the results of a lengthy investigation. Better to get on with his new life, doing his same old shit, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced the reason DeLay can't smell his own rotten decay is because he had attained Dante's 7th Circle of Hell, which is characterized by the overpowering stench of violent blasphemers. Beware, Mr Hammer, the 8th Circle is comprised of hypocrites & thieves (expect to be greeted by Abramoff).

some_maineiac said...

hey, dada, the AP story made the front page of the local paper and I read it with interest and glee, thinking yes! another one bites the dust!

some more salient quotes from the hammer..."I think I could have won this seat but it would have been nasty (you bet, says me). It would have cost a fortune" (yours, most likely)

Delay blamed "liberal Democrats" for making his re-election campaign largely a negative one and says "I know that the left has used it to try to brand me with guilt by association, but I have always served honorably and ethically"...odd words coming from the man who was the driving force behind Clinton's impeachment, making an issue of Clinton's personal behavior...

It even appears that a Democratic spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Bill Burton, is attempting to grow a dick by remarking that "Tom Delay's decision to leave Congree is just the latest piece of evidence that the Republican Party is a party in disarry, a party out of ideas and out of energy"

dada said...

Hi guys:

I saw the ugliest video of Nancy Pelosi. Well, actually, it wasn't a video maybe, it was more like a transparency.

It was regarding one of the few working members of congress and the latest flap over her hitting a security guard. Speaking of Cynthia McKinney, of course. While I don't know the facts of the case (McKinney MAY have overreacted), it seems to me a security should be able to take a blow to the chess, after all, he knows his job has far graver potentials for danger and personal harm than to be hit by a female congress member.

But that aside, Pelosi seemed to me to be dancing away from McKinney as fast as she could. I thought that just a bit strange because they're members of the same party in the same legislative house of congress. Then I remembered, Cynthia is far too democrat for Pelosi, I'm sure.

Anyway, I guess there's a warrant out for McKinney's arrest and some members in congress were wearing their buttons of support for capitol police while issuing a proclamation commending capitol police. Holyjesusfuckinchrist, my taxes are supposed to be paying for a government and all I'm seeing is a big freakin' circus!

Anonymous said...

no no no dada. According to the 2005 1040 tax booklet (a piece of mail so obscene the address is on the inside), 23% of your taxes support national defense and another 7% supports interest (note, not any principal) on the natl debt. Same publication says only 3% goes toward genl govt. Guess 3% can still suppport a lot of circus freak acts, though. D.K.

dada said...

Oh, thank you for the clarification DK. Okay, with only 3% going to pay for government, that explains why it's such a sad, miserable gov't. You get what you pay for I guess.

dada said...

Maineiac: Thanks for the add'l colorful quotes. DeLay's "honorably and ethically" just leaves me shaking my head trying to imagine how the fuck guys like him see the world.

It's quotes like that which have me suppressing the reptilian core of my brain. It wants so badly to get out!

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter just called Delay "a decent and honorable man". That must be her republizard-brain talking. D.K.