Thursday, April 06, 2006

Did I just create a new word?


od·di·ence (ô'dē-əns) n. The pre-screened, pro-Bush spectators admitted to the auditorium to laugh at, approve of and applaud whatever the president says (to include lies and bullshit). Often used as the plural for the word idiot.


Anonymous said...

OMG! New word award! Perfect ... and you even included the proper pronunciation, so necessary for the idiots it applies to who might have thought it referred to their special odor. D.K.

Anonymous said...


dada said...

D.K. ~ or instead of "so necessary for the idiots it applies to..." you could have said, "so necessary for the oddience it applies to..." (grin)

And thanks for the appreciations from both of you anonymouses. (anony mouses? Language was never my forte.)

enigma4ever said...

truly fucking perfection...thank you....( I think I am a Anony- Muse....?)