Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spending my wishes.

I wish I had the power to counteract that of the bullies who somehow have taken over the nation and are now terrorizing the world. I wish I had the power to grab congress by the collar and shake it until its brain came unstuck from the sides of its swollen cranium. I wish I could stick my boot up half the nation's ass while screaming to the other half to the point where its collective eardrum recoils in pain. Then, having grabbed their attention, I wish I could say this:

Why do we tolerate the kind of government we now have? Why do we allow it to rape and plunder the earth that provides the sweet gift of life, and divvy up the profits among the rich? Why do we sit by quietly and allow the invasion and occupation of sovereign nations by the armed forces? Why do we allow our government to fleece the poor by providing eternal welfare to the rich? Why do we allow this government to represent the interest of the wealthy by neglecting the needs of the many? Why do we allow those in power to stealthily pilfer our civil rights, our hard won liberties with hardly a whimper of indignation or protest? How do we allow our government to cripple and assassinate democratic governments all over the world and call it democracy? How do we allow those in power to steal our elections without filling the streets with massive and unrelenting protests? How do we allow the practice of extraordinary rendition to occur under our watch? Why do we tolerate the intolerable while keeping a smile on our bright faces? Why do we allow the charade of the neocon agenda to continue and offer little more than token resistance? What does it take to make us angry and indignant to the point of rebellion? ~ Charles Sullivan

Well, that's an excerpt from an excellent page or two I highly recommend. If in a hurry, his last three paragraphs are worth the jump over there. I think it's a dressing down we all need as Americans whose "only" sacrifices in forcing war down the throats of other nations, and destroying them in the process, is an occasional son or daughter and the bankruptcy of our offspring and their offspring's futures while we continue to motor down the expressway into our 'hell-to-pay' future.

As Sullivan concludes,
"Are we creating the kind of history that will make our great grandchildren proud?"


enigma4ever said...

good reading reccomendation...thanks...Have you read Howard Zinn ? History of the World that is what this reminds me of...

Anonymous said...

You will be needing one BIG boot to reach up half the nation's asses (you did mean to do the job all at one go, right?)!! All your questions are valid. Why, indeed, too true. I've been thinking lately we are truly witnessing something similar to the last days of the Roman Empire (I'm a patient woman, but those last days took 400-yrs). Mass insanity, militaristic empire and all-hail-caesar comparisons aside, I'm NOT seeing the total outrage necessary to stop this roller-coaster ride to hell, this dance of red death. The barbarians stand at our gate, not much different from the goths & visigoths, but somehow they seem to be residing in our own halls of power this time. Who guards our gates if we have another meaningless election? Therein lies my only bright thought, a valid election that rids us of these bullies. Thanks for the link, very thoughtful questions. D.K.