Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fun with History!

Ruins of the Spanish mission at Abo, NM
Reminder to Bush and his puppeteers: I know how the president disdains reading, preferring oral reports funneled through the reality tunnels of his aides. And I know he hasn't any background of, nor appreciation for, history. So I was thinking it might be fun if he got out a little more. You know, saw the country he rules.

He could travel clandestinely by wearing a disguise. He could look like a tourist. With some dark shades, maybe a baseball cap emblazened with a Green Peace or ACLU logo. Why, he'd blend right in.

(Suggestion: He should probably learn to control those annoying jaw twitches and practice letting his arms touch his sides oh, and lose that irrating strut when he walks--all dead giveaways.)

But unlike his unannounced drop-ins on Iraq under the cover of darkness, he could travel without the encumbrance of a big plastic turkey. Or like when he landed on the deck of that aircraft carrier emulating a navy pilot, he wouldn't need to squeeze into one of those snug fitting top gun flight suits with a codpiece. Ooh, those have to be pinchy.

And if he makes the right choices, he might pick up a little history in the process. No, no, not by going to Disney World or Six Flags. No, not places like that. I'm thinking by touring historical sites, not histerical ones.

Why, here in the southwest, for example, we have many wonderful reminders of our heritage. With the incredible Spanish influences we enjoy, there are slews of remnants that remain. He could visit with park rangers, ask questions and walk among the vanishing traces of the extensive Spanish occupation here. Of a once glorious empire as evidenced by its ubiquitous crumbling ruins!

History need not be boring, nor tragic. Why, history need not even be repeated. Especially if you know ts potholes and how to avoid them. Something to this point we've seen no evidence of.


Anonymous said...

Bush reminds me of Plato's pre-enlightened man, who observes life by sitting in his cave, facing backward & looking into a mirror. The question is if we could just spin him around & force him to look out directly at life, without the smogged mirror filters, would he see that truth is beauty? Or have his puppeteers so damaged the truth that it is no longer beautiful?

And our own White House will someday look like your picture of that NM ruin. As future archeologists begin excavation, what will they make of finding our constitution, bill of rights, declaration of independence, Jefferson & Franklin's insights, Lincoln's Gettysburg address all flung into the "midden" (dung heap)? Future knowledge of our time being sparse, they might only remark that the ink appears to have been blackened from so many centuries of fecal contact because their understanding of our times is that we drowned in a sea of red ink. So, there's your history, Mr. Bush. Your legacy for our children. D.K.

dada said...

Oh DK, that was beautiful. That's kinda what I was trying to say, but it didn't come out near as eloquently.

Wonderful. As a lover of archeology, your imagery was most appreciated. Thanx!

enigma4ever said...

she is indeed a poet...should have a blog---- maybe she will guest post at the Enigma Cafe...( I have nagged and cajoled, even offered free coffee)