Friday, March 24, 2006

Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and just jump into the corporate meat grinder

There was a nice little article in yesterday's newspaper. It was buried back in the middle of the front section titled "The Nation". Perhaps some of you saw it. If so, forgive me repeating it, but it bears repeating--to all of us.

That's because the brief article just further hammers into my increasingly hamburger ground brain who our government gathers to protect in Washington, DC, who they're really representing. It also illustrates how the people running the government and the leaders of industry should be in prison and those presently incarcerated in prisons should be in Washington, leading the nation.

Anyway, let's not sweat the small stuff, we'll all come out the other end of this grinder hamburger anyway. Here's the crux of the story:

Oh shit. Why bother posting it? It's just more of the same old crap. An exercise in futility. Why waste perfectly good time with another story of rampant crime run amok?

A kid makes a beer run on a local 7-11, is caught and sent up the river to hone his skills and learn new crime techniques from the hardened boys on the cell block. But even those pros are wimps when compared to the crime captains of industry and the government they buy, for they can really plunder you blind with their MBA's and CPA's.

And they look so much better in their spotless Hickey-Freeman suits and shiny Romanini Hornback Crocodile Lace-Up Oxfords. While not nearly as comfortable as black and white stripes or orange jump-suits, they should be a signal to us all, however, to "Beware! I'm a meat grinding son of a bitch." A regular hamburger helper.

So I'm not gonna repeat that story that so upset me in the paper yesterday. Just because the taxes you're charged on your utility bills each month don't get paid to the government like you think. Just because your utilities are unregulated so those "taxes" are kept instead of sending 'em up to Washington. Just because the practice is legal and just because, as the ultilities tell us, "It's smart business," their robbing you blind.

It's just another business-as-usual story of how we're taking it and we've become so used to it, it doesn't feel all that bad, does it? After all, you work hard for your money. Why should industry? That hard earned money's been sweated for once. No need for them to sweat over it again. And besides, the revenues lost by the government in this shell game only amounts to billions of dollars (of yours!).

"How you like your hamburger? Well done?"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those capos of industry all dress so nice. Your description kind of reminds me of an old SF movie "V" where all the most beautiful people were really reptiles underneath (and "hamburger" is a gourmet lizard feast). Today, the worst ones have "dead" eyes. I mean totally devoid of humanity, like Cheney & Rice. Gives me the creeps.

And what? taxes on our utility bills, that are listed as federal fees & universal access & such, are being kept by those same utilities? isn't that just a hidden price increase/gouge? Boy, I don't blame you for being upset! D.K.

dada said...

Hi DK. You know, I think I may have seen that movie, or part of that movie because I have a vague memory of a gorgeous blonde who was really one ugly lizard. (My wife kept reminding me to remember that.)

Oh, and I'm not upset anymore. Geez, what gets into me sometimes? Where'd that come from. (J/K)