Sunday, March 19, 2006

A couple images from yesterday

On the weekend of the third anniversary of Bush's war, a nice crowd of demonstrators and onlookers gathered at the plaza in downtown El Paso to listen to some speakers reflect on our democratization of the world.

Here are a couple images of that event.

I thought this image was touching. It shows a mother comforting her two children on an afternoon that's turned out to be three years long (and still going!).

Some displayed their outrage more openly than others.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dada, I was looking for a shot of the little water boy! Sounds like your event was good. Need more of them, everywhere. And everyone needs water, so .... you'll never be out of a job!

Yes, I do want to email pics (before they are stale), but need husband to walk me thru it. Still, still & maybe forever at this rate, we are cleaning up the horrid remodelers idea of how to protect a lived-in home (basically do nothing, let your toxic dust coat & infiltrate every nook & cranny, then wash out your equip in the front yard & leave). Anyway, husband just decided he needed a nap, so maybe tomorrow we'll be up to downloading the digital camera. I'm just too technically ignorant to figure it out myself. D.K.

dada said...

Oh, thanks DK. There's absolutely no hurry. Just makes 'em more anticipated. Geez, you poor guys. I think I can quasi-relate after our September. But at least by living with the contractor, we could kinda keep up with the daily damages. (grin)

As for pictures of the "water-boy", we realized today that he was the one with the camera, shooting everybody. But no one shot the waterboy.

As for the great pictures of such things as Cold Creek, well, just knowing they're in the future makes the future something to anticipate and, lord knows, we need little things like that, don't we?