Sunday, February 12, 2006

Taking the weekend off, yet unable to escape

All day today, I've been trying to complete another blog entry. Now, way past sunset it's still not done. I suspect I'm struggling because I sense it's more of the same ol' harping so characteristic of this website.

So I thought I'd try something a little lighter with this. And I was off to a good start when CBS's "60 Minutes" came on and distracted me once more. It was about the missing billions in Iraq. Another segment about the returning GI's terribly wounded in Iraq. I won't comment herein of the mixed emotions I experienced watching those. So now I'll resume my "blog-lite" effort, praying to close the day with some minimal success of my intentions.

So yesterday, being a beautiful winter day here in the Southwest, I thought my wife and I would take a drive into southern New Mexico. With our government off for the weekend and vice president Cheney here, in Texas, hunting and shooting at anything that moved, it seemed like even more reason to leave the state.

In ways I haven't even connected in my mind yet, our 40 mile jaunt up to Las Cruces, NM seemed driven by cosmic forces over which we had no control. "We'll look at hybrid cars while there," I said to my wife as if I needed justification beyond procuring a 'growler' of beer from the excellent brewpub there.

At a subconscious level, I suspect president Bush chiding us, "We're addicted to oil," may have had something to do with us looking at vehicles with 76 horsepower, in total opposition to the advertising trend for cars with more and more horses under their hoods with less and less oil to drive them.

After talking to our first seemingly clueless salesman, who knew far less than I had gleaned about his vehicles from the internet, my wife and I returned to a restaurant parking lot we had passed on the way to that Toyota dealer.

Apparently, a local British sports car club was lunching at a local diner. While they nourished themselves much as my wife and I, they definitely conveyed themselves far differently as evidenced by their vehicles they left in the parking lot. As a result, I have chosen to impart here, a couple of the impressive vehicles we saw during our excursion.

Well, we're obviously having cable connection problems. Unable to upload more pictures, I guess I'll just finish this entry w/o them. After looking at a parking lot of old Jags, MG's and Austin Healeys, we returned to another car lot. To a Honda dealer. This time we were greeted by a young salesman to whom we took a real liking. As we learned during our stay there, he had recently returned from Iraq, from Al Anbar province close to the Syrian border.

This further contributed to the thought that none of this trip was really a weekend escape from the politics and issues of the day. After test driving a compact Honda and some discussion of the politics of the war, we bade our salesman farewell. He had confided his reserve unit is scheduled to reactivate much later this year for redeployment once more to Iraq. We wished him well, saying we hoped--should we decide to trade vehicles--he'd be here when we did. He thanked us, assuring us he hopes the same.

Off we went to the brewpub for lunch. On the way out, we ordered a 1/2 gallon of Octoberfest Ale and, being mid-February, we nervously drove home hoping we wouldn't be stopped by the authorities for possessing beer out of season. But hey, unlike Cheney, this day we hadn't shot anybody. But somewhat sympathetic for the vice president, we hoped whoever he shot wasn't out of season.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's great to TRY & take a day away from politics, isn't it? There's only so much hammering a poor brain can take.

My husband had to identify the car pic as an MG, he thinks. I had an Austin Healey (bug-eyed sprite) convertible in the 60's. Had a 6-gal gas tank & got 35 MPG. Uncomfortable as hell, but who cared back then (ah, sweet youth).

We, too, are definitely thinking Hybrid for our next car. I'd like to see more fuel choice available at regular gas stations. Some of the utilty co's in CA drove vehicles that ran on Natural Gas (which I believe was piped in from El Paso).

Oh, and when I first heard Cheney had "accidentally" shot his hunting buddy, I wondered if maybe he hadn't taken Brownie out with him. Teach that guy who's boss! D.K.

Nona said...

I can't recall, are hunting companions in season now or not?

dada said...

Nona: Knowing Cheney's philosophy of war, i.e., just drop a freakin' bomb, it's bound to kill some people, only a damn idiot would be crazy enough to go hunting with that megaloamaniac, open season or not on hunting companions.

dada said...

D.K. The little red roadster in the picture is a Jaguar. Sadly, I've been sportscar deprived all my life.

The biggest thrill of my driving life took place the day a friend asked me if I wanted to drive as handed me the keys to his Austin Healy.

Down the freeway we went, top down, radio and wind competitively blaring. From San Rafael to Greenbrae, I was in heaven. A distance of 3-4 miles. Sigh.

BTW, I did see a Sprite Saturday. It sure triggered some memories. Used to see so many of those. I didn't take a picture, it wasn't in the best of shape. Oh, OH! And I just remembered Triumphs! But didn't see any of those.

BTW, Nona commenting here sent me a picture of Cheney with his victim in a hospital bed behind him. Turns out the true identity of "Harry Whittington", as revealed by the photo, is Scooter Libby, with the caption of Cheney, "Who's leaking now, f***ker?" and, "F***ker survived. Gotta work on my aim." Funny.

Thanks for that, Nona.

Anonymous said...

If it was a little metallic blue sprite with a dented eyeball headlamp frame, it was my old one! Some woman in a large station wagon backed into me in a parking lot & claimed my car was so small, she couldn't see me. I only had it for about 6-mos. Got rid of it when my 6-4 Viking boyfriend couldn't fit in the passenger seat. Should have dumped him instead! That car was a gem. D.K.