Friday, February 10, 2006

Spirit of '76

Maybe it's just another one of those lousy polls with biased questions presented by pollers to gullible-assed pollees. Or maybe Bush's PR tour of America is convincing the sheeple it's just fine for Bush to rummage through the drawers of your private and personal habits and matters without your permission. For him to spy on you without the formality required of him under law and the U.S. Constitution because they're so freakin' scared of terrorists, but fearless at the loss of their libertés.

I'm referring to the latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll on public attitudes about Bush's illegal eavesdropping. And lest anyone get hissy about me calling it illegal, sorry--get over it, that's what it is.

Regardless, AP reports "Bush's case has been successful with core supporters, including Republicans, White evangelicals and suburban men. Support in each category grew more than 10 percentage points in the past month," pointing out the latest poll indicates disapproval of Bush's spying has dropped from 56 percent to just 50 percent.

Dada wonders whatever happened to the "Spirit of '76" when angry citizens overthrew another King George because of his excesses of power? Where have all the patriots gone? What about it, you Republicans, White evangelicals and suburban men? If you keep this up, you may want to be careful to avoid folks other than Republicans, secular folks of color and, for heaven's sake don't go downtown. You might encounter urban men who still hold to the tenets this nation was founded for.

What has happened to you who have jumped on the illegitimacy of the president in this latest poll? Have you become too comfortable with your nineteen pairs of shoes when you have only two feet? Is your beard so tough your razor needs five blades to cut it when one does just fine? Does your electric shaver have fifteen different settings when you only have one face? We know how you cater to different parts of your body and take pride in the comforts you provide them. But Dada would just remind those busy covering their asses and their collective conscience to not neglect their balls. It appears they're losing 'em!

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