Friday, February 24, 2006

"It's all over, the war is over"

"What the establishment media covering Iraq have utterly failed to make clear today is this central reality: With the exception of periodic flare-ups in isolated corners, our struggle in Iraq as warfare is over. Egregious acts of terror will continue—in Iraq as in many other parts of the world. But there is now no chance whatever of the U.S. losing this critical guerilla war." ~ Karl Zinsmeister, June 2005, as he wrote in The American Enterprise, a politically conservative advocate of free-market economics and a neoconservative U.S. foreign policy.

(DADA NOTE: This probably explains why our heads of state are unable to fly into any middle east nation unless in absolute secrecy, unannounced, and often under the cover of total darkness in grey cargo jets bearing no flags or other markings identifying them as being from the USA.)
To our dear leaders, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and their supporting cast of members to whom we owe so much, the late Jim Morrison of the Doors dedicates these few lines:

The old get old
And the young get stronger
May take a week
And it may take longer
They got the guns
But we got the numbers
Gonna win, yeah
We’re takin’ over
Come on!


~ Five to One

Let's forget the War on Terror. There never was a war on terror. You think Bush's losing sleep at night over the war on terror? No, but he sure as hell hopes you are.

Anyone familiar with the card game Hearts might appreciate what's really going on here. Dealt their hand and making their bid, in the early stages the neocons began their bluff by bitching loudest about their bad cards. About the democrats trying to steal the election they'd won fair and square.

Their loudest moans and groans were heard, however, after 9/11. The poor Bush bastards would have us believe they'd been dealt the old lady of death card, the Queen of Spades. All part of the bluff of innocence every coy player uses when attempting to stiff every other Hearts player.

And so as the hand plays out, there comes a point where players begin to suspect Bush isn't just dumping the bad cards dealt him. He has to reveal his true intent. Some players "get it" before others but, inevitably, the card is laid and the trick taken when every last player at the table realizes the truth: Bush is taking the rest of the tricks and no one can stop him! Bush is running the deck!

I know there's players at the table who still don't know what's going on. (In the game of Hearts, these are the ones to avoid as your partners!) But this latest Dubai/Bush/port security deal has tipped off many more of those playing at this table.

First Bush didn't know about the deal. Then he adamantly asserted he would veto any attempt to block it. Then he said he'd be agreeable to discussing it. Then put it off for awhile. And funny thing, today we learn Dubai is amenable to delaying it for awhile. Let's see, when's the next big holiday? Oh, that'd be Memorial Day weekend. Maybe very late on the Friday night preceding the long three day weekend as Americans are heading for the beach, mountains or the Indy brickyard would be a good time for the takeover of America's port security.

All this uproar about this deal violating the very foundations of our War on Terror. Just remember, there never was a War on Terror. It's only a war against the little players around the table, and Bush is revealing to us all he's running the deck. And you can't stop him!

Hearts is a game played with no jokers. Only suckers.
Make a grave for the unknown soldier
Nestled in your hollow shoulder
The unknown soldier

Breakfast where the news is read
Television children fed
Bullet strikes the helmet's head

And, it's all over
The war is over
It's all over, the war is over

~ Doors, The Unknown Soldier


Anonymous said...

I like the "Hearts" analogy even tho' coming from Vegas, I view all card games as just another way to lose money! Humm, maybe that's analogous to bankrupting our country.

And the Doors, wow, I saw them perform in Vegas! Don't remember much (!) except a lot of girls swooning for Big Jim. Also saw Country Joe & The Fish at the Natl Guard Amory in Vegas & heard the "Fixin to Die Rag" for the first time ... "and it's one, two, three, what're we fightin' for?"

But on a darker level, after seeing CNN Intl this AM about civil war in Iraq & then Democracy Now about widespread protests in the Philippines, I wonder if any of that makes any difference to our criminal leadership. If there were protests akin to Tianamin Sq here, our tanks would just roll over the protestors. D.K.

dada said...

Hi D.K. A couple of points. First, I was a big Doors fan, but the album I played (or wore out playing) had to be one by Country Joe and the Fish. Just seemed there was so much anti-war sentiment running thru that entire album. It just spoke to me.

Secondly, watching Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman today, I was cracking up as she showed Hugo Chavez. He was really taking it to Bush & Co. and it couldn't be funnier if it had been a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Directing his Citgo to provide cheap fuel oil for low income households in the eastern U.S., citing the growing numbers of those falling below poverty levels. Who could reject his compassion for the poor of this increasingly impoverished nation? Well, it wasn't beneath one of our congressman to question it. Which reminds me, when I heard this the absurdity level of the day just doubled or tripled because a particular Texas representative wants to investigate Chavez and his Citgo cutting the price of energy, but our domestic oil companies can reap record profits and refuse to appear before congress on their windfall profitsm, but that's not worthy of investigation. Give the poor a break and it is.

God this is a sick nation.

Anonymous said...

I missed the rest of Democracy Now this AM due to dog walking (they don't seem to grasp the gravity of our world beyond their snouts). All I saw was about the Philippines which made me wonder why our citizens don't similarly rise up & demand an end to this regime. But I sure like the way Chavez thumbs his nose at Bush. Don't know much about Citgo ... need to learn more.

AND since you're a fellow fan, did you know CJ McDonald is alive & well & has a great website? (I stumbled across one day "fishing") There's a lot of good stuff, but try clicking on "current issues of war & peace" for updated Fixin to Die Rags for Afghanistan & Iraq. I loved "Come on Dubya, better move fast, Our gas is burning & it won't last ... Aren't you glad you don't have sons 'cause we're callin' up the Guard for this one!" Oh, irreverent as Hell, but fun. D.K.