Thursday, February 16, 2006

If Bush were only a democrat. All our troubles would be over!

So, I'm feeling sooo much better since the president said he accepts Cheney's explanation of what happened this past weekend while hunting birds. (I'm must be a bitch eathing those little bastards after you shoot 'em, having to pick out all that shotgun buckshot at the table and discreetly and politely spit them into your dinner napkin unnoticed by other guests, whether it be lodged in the wing of a quail or the heart of that "friend" you shot on Saturday. And that's not to mention the risk to your dentures!)

That aside, my wife and I kinda exchanged dumbfounded looks at Bush's pronouncement of approval, like, "It's important your 'king' approve." At least that's how I interpreted the glances we threw at one another. (From history, we KNOW the consequences if his 'highness' doesn't approve! Which causes me to pause and ponder, where in the hell is this country keeping all our "freedom" guillotines hidden?)

Then there was the story of a new National Security Agency whistleblower on the scene who warns us the current story of spying on Americans may be peanuts compared to this newest program leaked by him that may have compromised the privacy rights of millions Americans!

Speaking of which, you gotta love the story of the Senate intelligence committee investigating the administration's violations of privacy rights by the Executive Branch saying to our dear senators something like, "We'd love to reveal our Bill of Rights intelligence transgressions to your committee that has oversight responsibilities for what we do but, unfortunately, 'You don't have the clearance high enough to know that!' " In other words, the overseers do NOT have the right to know! (Note to congress: Get a clue, take a hint, buy a vowel! Can you deductively reason the implications of that as it applies to the state of the nation?)

Then followed the story that the administration's request for MORE billions for the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan just aren't enough. They've had to jack it up. An angry, wimpering senator or congressman said (honestly, I don't remember which--I was sooo busy wiping the foam from the corners of my mouth), "We ought to have the right to know how or when the administration expects these wars will end," to which Dada says, "Tough shit. You ceded the power, you have no rights, congressional "overseers"!)

This was followed this evening by a story on that "Communist network," you know--NPR-- prefaced by a Disraeli (or Mark Twain, or Jack Abramoff) quote, "There are three kinds of lies: lies , damn lies, and statistics." It featured a question and answer moment about the improving condition of water and sewage in post-war Iraq compared with pre-war Iraq (under control of another despot). It took place between North Dakota democrat, Kent Conrad, and our Secretary of State and former Chevron Oil Tanker, Condoleezza Rice. It was a brief, delicious exchange with our 'Oil Tanker' relying heavily on the third kind of lie, statistics. Very funny (i.e., if by "funny" you're substituting "depressing" as I so often must these days.) It's here.

So, where's 'just another typical day of news' leave us? If it leaves you like it leaves me, each night before you retire, you're bedside as you hear yourself praying in your 'jammies' on your knees just before climbing into bed, pleading, "Please God, let Bush and Cheney turn Democrat."

That's because--by latest count--Bush has committed 15 or 16 impeachable offenses according to Google search results. That means Cheney has committed at least 17 or 18 impeachable offenses. And, as we all know, if they were Democrats, that would mean they would have been impeached 21 or 22 times, and--in Cheney's case--23 or 24 times by now in our Republican controlled senate!

Of course, that's not to be, but I keep praying. In the meantime, my Republican friends who have long since fallen by the wayside, are probably sealing the cotton in their ears with plaster of Paris and tightening their blinders. That would be because they are traitorous, dumb 'sumbitches' with unlimited capacity to endorse the total destruction of the republic in the name of their king, George, and their particular God--whichever one they worship--who dictates that diplomacy is better served by strength--the strength of bombs--than discussion, empathy, and compromise.

And, truth be known, I'm getting pretty sick of the whole damn lot of these sanctimonious bastards.

"God bless America and goodnight you treasonous self-serving sicko fanatical Christian 'mothers'!"


enigma4ever said...

It has been an interesting week in the Land of Fair Game....and ya' know the Lord of Lies ALWAYS eats what he hunts....hmm, that is a disgusting picture..thought...what ever..
good post...
hang in there...

rkrider said...

Quit holding back and tell us how you really feel....

dada said...

rk: Hey, it's the next morning. I'm renewed, I'm reborn. Who the hell was that angry bastard that posted this blog last night?

So here I sit, cherubingly fresh, waiting for the sun to rise on a new day. Whoever wrote that angry rant last night doesn't exist any longer.

Think I'm amble outside and pick up the morning paper, pour a cup of coffee and set up the fan.

"Okay boys, start slinging your shit!"

I got a feeling Dada's alter-ego will probably be back again by noon. In the meantime, let me extend my deepest apologies to my neocon friends. When I said all those angry, hurtful things last night? That wasn't me. That was the other Dada. The Dada of Darkness. The one you helped create!

Thanks rk for the reminder. I'll do some deep breathing.