Wednesday, February 01, 2006


...and misquoted.

"We found that problems originating in a failed and oppressive state 7,000 miles away could bring murder and destruction..." (Here Bush was speaking for all Iraqis)

"Dictatorships shelter terrorists, and feed resentment and radicalism." (Here, Bush was speaking of America. It was good to hear him admit this of his administration.)

"Far from being a hopeless dream, the advance of freedom is the great story of our time. In 1945, there were about two dozen lonely democracies in the world. Today, there are 122. Well, it used to be 123, but we overthrew Haiti's democratically elected president, Aristide, and replaced him with our puppet. We also overthrew Venuezuela's president which would have made 121, but he outwitted us and returned."(Bush smiles.)

"At the start of 2006, more than half the people of our world live in democratic nations. And we do not forget the other half -- in places like Syria and Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Iran -- because the demands of justice, and the peace of this world, require their freedom, as well." (Ah, an update on the U.S.'s latest hit list? NOTE to all people in Syria, Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korean and Iran. Were I a citizen of one of these nations, I might want to start digging a bomb shelter and stocking it with food. Demolition, death and democracy may be headed for your country!)

"No one can deny the success of freedom, but some men rage and fight against it. And one of the main sources of reaction and opposition is radical Christians-- the perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and death. Terrorists like me are serious about mass murder -- and all of us must take my declared intentions seriously. I seek to impose a heartless system of totalitarian control throughout the United States, and arm ourselves with weapons of mass murder."

"My aim is to seize power in the U.S., and use it as a safe haven to launch attacks against the rest of the world. Lacking the military strength to dominate globally, I have chosen the weapon of fear to at least dominate America...allowing we, the violent, to inherit the Earth."


Anonymous said...

You know, I wonder if Bush or anyone can point out ONE democracy that began by being forced militarily on the people (the demos in democracy afterall). Or if it is, as I suspect, simply not a formula that would EVER result in democracy? And I seriously question his statistic of "over half the world" being democratic since 1/3 live in China & at least another 1/3 under African & So American regimes. But I suppose if you define democracy as what he trying to impose on us, maybe so. Thanks for helping me think this through. D.K.

dada said...

D.K. You're wise to distrust any statistic Bush uses. Have you heard the one of him promising to reduce our dependency on Middle Eastern oil by 75% by the year 2025?

The next day it was explained Bush’s promise was not meant to be taken literally.

(That's okay, because 1/2 of Americans can't process or understand that anyway according to my Thurs. blog.)

Anonymous said...

No, I hadn't heard not to take him literally, so I tuned into Keith Olbermann & caught that story (good advice for anything Bush says). Then I couldn't believe it when his guest Craig Crawford suggested maybe it's time to call Bush a liar! Yaaay, maybe there can be a bloodless coup afterall! After Liar, can the I-word be far behind? D.K.

dada said...

One would wish, but there may not be time. I was just reading "The Next Act" about what may unfold next. Oooh boy, I'm so depressed now.

And angry, did I mention angry? I could see where Cheney & Rumsfeld being the old bastards they are, are fearless in flirting with triggering nuclear war. But don't they give a tinker's damn for their grandkids?

And notice how Iran is being set up in the same fashion Iraq was. After all, that unfolded so nicely, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that article is depressing. During SOTU pep rally, I thought I must be imagining the hints about war with Iran, but his direct talk to the people of Iran was plain scary! And, I think being stretched so thin militarily exposes us to more than just another terrorist attack. Everyone loves to see the bully take a hit.

The obscene deficit alone makes it obvious our "leaders" don't care about the future. Nuclear War? They plan on surviving it, ya know. Cockroaches can live on dirt. Excuse me while I choke down my iodine pills ...

And the Ides of March was certainly a bad time for Caesar ... hmmm, how many senators participated in that scene? D.K.