Friday, September 25, 2009

Our culture as a "a festering pool of mass ignorance."

"From the prehistoric Lascaux cave paintings to the stirring symphonies of Mozart to today's hot-dog eating competitions and action films with comical gerbils, culture has descended into a festering pool of mass ignorance."

This is simply not true! Nor is the proclamation by "Yale sociologist Paul Riordan, who has spent his career analyzing western civilization's fall into the depths of depravity," that this will officially occur today, Friday, September, 25, 2009, at 3:32 p.m.

What this is, is pure claptrap from an "article" in The Onion.

While recent events of Western Civilization, as most often influenced by the United States, have served as a rich source for laughs among many, or angry retorts and predictions of impending doom among the less humor endowed among us, I'd like to take a 15 minute recess from such satire to acknowledge but one of the many, many things that still make America, and Western Civilization, the source for the good life we all embrace and enjoy as residents therein.

I suggest we forget for a moment all the nattering nihilistic nabobs of negativity who focus only on the little pessimistic things about the U.S. and its role in the Western World; to focus instead on what truly makes us great.

While I know we may not possess the ability to win wars despite the largest defense budget on the planet, we tend to overlook the *bang for the buck* our defense industry buys us. And I realize, though we have been at war for over 60 plus years now, we often forget we have expanded our sphere of influence around the world in the process. Sure, much of it has been militarily instigated by creating instability and misery through wars and insurrections globally! Yet, that's no small feat.

And while it's likely true that despite this, the U.S. is not more secure, but less, some would argue our Empire comes at great domestic costs we can't afford, don't recognize, nor care about. But are we to forget the spirit of our people that makes America great?

Hence, today I'd like to look at one small reminder of why the United States, as heir to Western Civilization's leadership, is on track to bigger and greater things despite all the naysayers predictions of future doom and gloom.

Just look at the genius of one small item. In this case, Item # 37-1, better known as Coozies. It's but one example of proof America is far from dead. This just may save our sinking auto industry whose collapse can be attributed in large part to its inability to recognize the necessities demanded by consumers -- cup holders! As General Motors on the economic rebound has now realized, you can never have enough cup holders.

America: Still the battering ram of Western
Civ's innovativeness. "Get cozy with a Coozy."

So next time confronted with someone like a Marc Faber (author of The Gloom Boom Doom Report) who guarantees the US government "for sure will go bust," just remind them of Coozies. (They've probably never even heard of them!)

I'm not denying we have problems. Yes, it's true a recent global ranking of nations in a well-being and environmental impact study shows Costa Rica ranked #1, nine of the top ten countries are in Latin America and the U.S. is number 114!

Nor do I deny America ranks 37th among nations in health care and every day another 14,000 people in this country lose their health insurance. It simply shows the significant room we have for improvement!

So "Heads up America, be proud!" and remember, what we lack in some areas, we lead the world in others. Like, who do you think has the world's tallest roller coaster, huh? Why, we do of course!
The world's tallest. It's what makes us great! Six Flags Great Adventure,
Jackson, New Jersey. Hydraulic launch rocket coaster, Height: 456 feet

(Oh, damn, I inadvertently revealed reason # 37-2 why America and Western Civilization is not in a state of total collapse. I was saving that for another blog.)


Fran said...

A COOZY huh? Right up there with inventions like the pet rock & the Popiel pocket fisherman.

Maybe it is too early for me to be pondering the subject line.... off to the shower.

xandtrek said...

Nice to read such an optimistic blog from you Dada :)

Dada said...

Fran: Thanks for your wonderful input. Whilst writing this, I was straining my brain, trying to remember all the wonderful things we have given the world (granted, the Coozies example used, well, are probably designed in Japan, made in China.)

But, BUT!, that aside, I KNEW there were so many, many things illustrative of American ingenuity and global dominance (besides the overwhelming success of our military operations of the 21st Century).

So, thanks again for the pocket fishing pole and pet rock examples. God, we're great!

Dada said...

xandtrek: Thank you, too! I've grown tired of all the negativity in the air engulfing this great country of ours, hence, this blog to counteract all the nabobs.

In a recent conversation voice say that we ought to totally disband the U.S. government and call for a Second Continental Congress, to be convened with any members of our current one barred (to also include anyone with ties to K and Wall Streets and their lobbyists).

With the new fiscal budget for 010 in place, notify military commanders in places like Germany, Japan, and especially those tedious little knee-jerk Third World countries in the M.E. that "That's all the appropriated $$$ you can count on until the new gov't is set-up. You can spend your remaining funds on bullets and bombs or getting your damn asses home safely."

(More details to follow after/if/when the government takes up that first suggestion from that 'other voice.')

D.K. Raed said...

TANG!!! Isn't that the quintessential american product to have foisted upon an unsuspecting world? Why have fresh squeezed or even frozen OJ when you can pour some sugared up orange colored powder into a glass of water & stir? bottled water, of course. our tap water is no longer drinkable. But hey, as Mark Twain said, What the American Public doesn't know is what makes it the American Public!

Dada said...

D.K. - Welcome back! Yes, yes, Tang indeed! When writing this, I knew there existed thousands of examples of which I could not remember at the moment.

Where were you when I was writing this? Tang! of course. Wasn't that the *official drink* of the NASA space program? (Leaving me to wonder if we really went to the moon or simply dropped some astronauts on a *Tang high* off in the Mojave desert.)