Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today's "sober up!" quote (from yesterday, April 1st -- NO FOOLING!)

I came across the comment posted towards the bottom of this segment (if you read nothing else here, skip this, read that) at Information Clearing House. It was left in response to a piece entitled, "Neo-Cons and Moral Degeneracy." It's sobering. That's because it's brutal. But it's frank.

I then remembered a story on tonight's network news of our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wowing and inspiring a group of young British female students. And as these young women stood in awe and admiration of Mrs. Obama, I juxtaposed that image with the recent headlines, "US drone kills 17 in Pakistan" and "US Military Wants 10,000 Additional Occupation Troops for Afghan 'War.'" And I tried hard to reconcile the outflowing of love for Mrs. Obama as expressed by a group of adolescent English schoolgirls with the actions of her husband, president Obama.

And I'm of the opinion if Mrs. Obama cannot bend the ear of her husband away from the Powers That Be which seem to be dictating many of Obama's most important policies, Michelle Obama is, as all of us are -- as a nation -- in danger of all becoming just another Laura Bush.

Here then is that brutal comment by one who calls himself "Hatred":

"The only thing that will change the American mindset is bloodshed on US soil. Otherwise, generation after generation of dummies will be sent overseas to "fight for freedom" and be cheered on by their clueless mothers and tearfully proud fathers. They'll come back in boxes or bags or wheelchairs and the dopes who thought the whole exercise was a great episode will cook a fucking turkey or some shit and bleat about heroes and the 'merkan way. And then go on about their useless lives. Have these people face the horror that is inflicted on others worldwide for just 15 minutes and there would be a massive sea-change from their ivory-tower view of the other 95% of the planet's population. An American "soccer-mom" quivering in fear of gang rape in her house as shots ring out across the neighbourhood would be sufficient to have her think again about cheering for the obliteration of villages and the destruction of burkha-clad mothers halfway around the world."


(NOTE: As Dada has reminded before yet can't seem to remind enough: "Earth cultures have one basic thing in common: They are all dysfunctional. Once a culture has decided which dysfunctional aspects it wishes to represent, it raises a flag to declare its position, packages its preferred brand of dysfunctionality for consumption at home and abroad, and passes it off as a national heritage to be proud of and protected at all costs." (an alien transcription from "ET 101," the book)


enigma4ever said...

Michelle Obama is just a wife, a mom, and a wonderful inspiring woman who grew up on the South Side of Chicago...her dad was a maintenance man- and they lived in a 2 bedroom apt...and she watched him live,work and die with MS...she is very inspiring to hear and meet in person...she has a heart of gold and is a powerful speaker...she worked very hard to get scholarships and loans for college- and then she returned to Chicago....

She in no way thinks of herself as special- she fully appreciates her circumstances and How and Who she is...she spoke to those young girls with honesty about Who she is and that she is grateful that getting an education changed her life...and yes, she filled up and choked up a bit talking to those girls...because she could see a piece of herself in those girls...and in my hood- she is revered, young girls look up to her...I can not think of a finer reole Model for young inner city girls...

As a mom..a woman, and someone who lives inner city...please never ever compare Michelle to Laura Prozaced Brainless Wonder Bush.....

thanks know I appreciate you and your blog....but this post really made me sad....

Dada said...

enigma: Putting Michelle Obama in the same sentence, paragraph or on the same page with Laura Bush was cruel of me at best, brutally savage of me at worst. I also threw in a lot of other good people who sure as hell are undeserving of sharing the same space with "Prozaced Brainless Wonder Bush" as well. (You always have such a fitting vocabulary for the likes of Laura and other members of that mob.)

I know I was being brutal. Perhaps that was the real gist of my warning to readers, even more than that of the savage imagery suggested by "Hatred"'s comment.

But there is something, call it The Powers That Be or whatever you choose, that even the intelligence accompanied with the charisma of a Barack Obama that does not, cannot, and will not transcend.

And despite all of the wonderful things of which we as humans are capable, our achievements will always be tainted by the likes of bailing out failed banks and bombing out nations trying to succeed.

It's this underlying conundrum of humanity that is the seed that sprouts, flourishes and is reaped in the form of my extreme perennial frustration for us all.

There is another Robinson in El Paso today. It's Michelle Obama's older brother, Craig. Another gleaming example of success in pretty much all he's attempted.

And so I will distract myself with his talents as the head basketball coach of Oregon State in the CBI's final of that tournament's three game series against UTEP this evening.

Obviously, Craig Robinson comes from a hard working family that nurtured a drive for success in their children.

Thanks enigma for pausing here to craft your reaction to this blog. I, likewise, deeply appreciate your blog and didn't intend to make you sad by this one.

So while I watch OSU, last year's Pac Ten conference winless doormat team, admire their turnaround under this year's new coach and brother to the First Lady as I root for the home team, I will undoubtedly at some point during the game pause and ruefully reflect, "I wish the only bombs falling were the ones beyond the three point stripe."

eProf2 said...

Dada, I thought your main point as I read your post was more about why President Obama is listening to the "rally round the flag" group and not listening to his wife, who obviously, has a kindred spirit with most of humanity from Queens to children. I say elect Michele Obama in 2012!

Dada said...

Well, very impressed with the First Lady (and not as much by her old man), I made the mistake of putting the onus for a different mid-east policy, one of "change," on her if Obama doesn't see the error of his ways.

Of course, the onus is on Obama himself but after 8 years of the Bush mob, onuses -- for anybody -- were out.

But, sadly, bonuses are still in. (Ugh, my bad!)

Fran said...

I have been very open and forthright about my absolute discontent over the escalation & perpetuation of continued wars.
I was expecting Obama to first assemble his cabinet, then withdraw the troops (all of them), from Iraq & shut down Gitmo, before any bombs flew....

I loathe that one war leads to another theme & that we are already dropping bombs in Pakistan (the next war??).

I an incensed by the alleged "reasoning" for the need to escalate war in afghanistan-- I can't believe he invoked the avenge 9-11 excuse.

Here's the thing- we spend 7 years in Iraq, killed over a million people, over 4000 US troops died- more than the # of people that were actually killed in the 9-11 incident. We also spent 8 years in Afghanistan.

2 wars
7 plus years
Over $606 billion dollars

Is there a statute of limitations for how long we can use 9-11 as an excuse for wars of choice?

Besides Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, the people in Afghanistan who may have been involved are long gone, and the majority of 9-11 hijackers are from Saudi Arabia.

What the hell???

I would like President Obama to answer me:

How can you justify spending over $2 billion a month on a war in Afghanistan, when we have people living in tent cities, 45.7 million U.S. citizens are uninsured - without healthcare.

Even though he did not get us into this mess. if he sends troops or drones with bombs, to war, they becomes HIS war(s).

That is not change or something I can believe in.

In fact, it's unbelievable.

enigma4ever said...

dada....thanks for understanding why I was sad...and yes indeed Craig Robinson is indeed a wonderful basketball coach...and man....they truly were raised right....

I think for me- it was also about ALL last year we heard that Michelle was "angry" and "bitter" about America yeah I am quick to make sure that we appreciate how lucky we are to have her as first lady....and the funny thing is that I also think she does indeed tell her husband Exactly What she thinks on issues...the sad thing is that now he is also surrounded by "advisors"....( a good half of whom I have concerns...)

but thanks for listening to me.....I appreciate that....
and about Change...
well, I have to say this I think we are a deep mess on about 20 fronts...and I think that much of this year- "Change" will consist of treading water through this Era...and Obama better start really reaching to Mainstreet more than he has because people are hurting....and I think the Criminal Shrub has left us a HUGE mess on so many fronts....I know Obama has worked Daily On Everything- and is working....but I also think it is a Very large pile of Foul shit- and he only has a rather small hand shovel at this point...and the GOP Obstructionists constantly blathering on MSM does not help....


we still have a long long way to go....